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Company Profile…NEWPHARM® : responds to the coronavirus crisis

| June 16, 2020

NEWPHARM®, a company specialising in developing solutions for the control of pests and pathogenic microorganisms, was founded in 1982, by Dr Dionisio Bagarollo. Since then the company’s growth has been rapid and forward-looking thanks to the input of Dr Bagarollo’s daughter Claudia and son Enrico.

NEWPHARM® management, the founder Dr. Bagarollo with his daughter Claudia and his son Enrico.

It has been forty years since NEWPHARM® first entered Italy’s hospital network with a complete range of medical devices for high-level disinfection. Another branch of what has now become a group of companies supported the agri-food industry with products and equipment for disinfecting any kind of surface and environment in that sector.

Through multidisciplinary skills and excellent technical know-how, the company has also developed fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal solutions in those sectors which are not strictly related to the health and food industries and has employed its products in many fields. Recently, the business has expanded to include “Home & Garden” applications and now offers disinfectant products to use in domestic and civil environments.

In these dramatic times, while the whole world deals with the coronavirus pandemic disease, NEWPHARM® Group has focused its efforts on producing a range of disinfectants with virucidal activity which can be used in any environment. Besides developing a complete range of disinfectants to use in different sectors, the company has created, thanks to the brilliant work of its professional scientists and engineers, cutting-edge application devices for the application of products in the environment which guarantee maximum effectiveness without damaging surfaces or materials.

Collaborating worldwide with the major players in the disinfection sector, the NEWPHARM® Group has been able to respond to the emergency by proposing very effective solutions to help defeat viruses. These solutions consist of products which are registered as biocides and devices capable of applying the registered products in a range of environments but preventing any dangerous or ineffective applications by non-professional users – for example in the home. Reliance on registered products not only guarantees the safety of the community, but also ensures high efficiency against the invisible virus, and has been achieved thanks to extensive laboratory tests.

The Covid-19 emergency can be overcome through the synergy of various components, including the civic duty of every single person and the disinfection of the environments with virucidal disinfectants. The application of generalist hygiene solutions risks a negative impact on the surrounding environment without having any effect on the viral particles.

During the pandemic there has been a focus on the environmental interventions which eliminate the virus from surfaces. Recent studies have shown that Covid-19 can survive, and be infectious, even if for a relatively short period of time, on inanimate surfaces. For this reason, NEWPHARM® has created procedures, which it also uses on its own premises, whose purpose is the prevention and containment of the virus by eliminating the viral load from surfaces. These procedures are easy to follow by anyone in any kind of environment, without risking using dangerous or harmful substances. In hospitals, which are already extremely crowded, it is essential to avoid any type of cross-contamination for the protection of doctors’ and patients’ health.

NEWPHARM® Group has focused its efforts on producing a range of disinfectants with virucidal activity which can be used in any environment.

Among the range of products which the NEWPHARM® Group offers, it is possible to find disinfectants with virucidal active substances, which effectively and quickly deal with any need. At the same time, the interaction between the technical and regulatory teams make sure the company assists and guides customers by evaluating each possible solution. The logistics and customer service departments do their utmost to ensure that the goods are quickly dispatched in the various locations.

To deal with the emergency, the company has prepared a health protocol in its headquarters in the Padua area to clean up workplaces and warehouses. These operations are fundamental to decrease the risk of contagion, not only among the company’s collaborators, but also for all those people who enter its premises. The offices and the warehouses are disinfected daily for the safety of the staff who deal with materials.

During the emergency, the three companies of the Group continued to provide a full service so that the food industry, sanitation operations and hospitals were not hampered. The commitment of the whole team is real, and all the company’s collaborators are very aware of the serious health situation afflicting the whole country. For these reasons, the company issued reports and newsletters to customers and partners.

NEWPHARM® new brochure.

The application equipment has been created to be easily used by most of the community and will have a use after the Covid-19 pandemic has been brought under control. Application systems include dry particle generators which achieve a maximum distribution of the disinfectant in the environment without adverse effects. These very fine particles do not ruin materials, but they settle evenly on the surfaces eliminating the virus. Thanks to the combination of effective products and application equipment, many companies have been able to continue their activities while protecting staff and customers.

The NEWPHARM® catalogue offers hand gels, daily-use detergents with disinfectant properties, strong disinfectants for all operating situations. The Technical and Operation services, made up of expert professionals, support both the sales network and the customer to continuously guarantee maximum professionality and effectiveness. ¢

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Authors: Stefano Scarponi and Stefano Cherubin

Published in International Pest Control – May/June 2020


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