Magnetic powder as an enhanced delivery agent for active ingredients in urban pest management products

| July 15, 2015

Colin O’Halloran – YPIL
Rob Fryatt – Xenex Associates

Abstract: Satisfactory results from dry flowable powder formulations for control of crawling insect pests are driven by the quantity of powder adhering to the insect and the ability to transfer powder from insect to insect. This poster describes the performance of a magnetic dry flowable powder (Magthanite™), which, because of the paramagnetic qualities of the insect exoskeleton, enhances the pick-up and retention of the active ingredient by the insect cuticle and its transfer to other insects in the colony, thus increasing secondary and tertiary kill. The results of adherence and transfer using magnetic powder have been shown to be superior to those obtained electrostatically with an inert powder or talc.

The effectiveness of magnetic powder technology as a delivery vehicle for the active ingredient has been demonstrated on key pest species including termites, ants and cockroaches, and with a range of active ingredients including fipronil, abamectin, permethrin, cyphenothrin, cypermethrin, d-phenothrin as well as natural entomopathogens.

Laboratory arena tests were conducted on Blattella germanica using a dry flowable powder with magnetic properties and attractant, incorporating fipronil at 0.05% concentration, in comparison with commercial gel baits of abamectin at 0.05% and imidacloprid at 2.15%. These showed that the magnetic dry flowable formulation produced significantly increased mortality and a more rapid effect. Tests on Periplaneta americana with fipronil at 0.1% concentration and with abamectin at 0.05% showed similar increased speed of action and level of control compared to non-magnetic powder formulations. Magnetic powder formulations also offer the potential to reduce active ingredient concentration, illustrated by exposure of Lasius niger for 1 minute to a residual deposit of magnetic dry flowable powder with 0.5% permethrin, resulting in a similar effect to a standard 1.0% concentration: 100% knockdown in 10 minutes and 100% mortality.

This technology now offers PCOs a novel, additional tool for urban pest management in a variety of situations, particularly in crack-and-crevice applications and in dealing with infestations in hard to reach locales. Magnetic powder technology offers a potential response to the growing problem of gel aversion displayed by cockroaches. The magnetic powder technology is compatible with a variety of delivery systems: bait stations, duster applicators, tube applicators and, as the latest research indicates, aerosols. The flexibility of the magnetic powder technology in terms of active ingredients, target pest species and delivery systems is facilitating the development of a diverse range of urban pest management products appropriate from the standpoints of cost and packaging for both developed and emerging markets.

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