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International Pest Control – November/December 2016 – Vol 58, Nr.6

| December 31, 2016
 NovDec16 Cover

Cover image: The MountainMasterPlus from Dutch company, Agrifac demonstrates an automatic levelling system, left/right as well as front/back resulting in a safe and comfortable spray application on steep slopes.

The pumpkin were not the first vegetables to be carved into lanterns at Halloween. It was a Celtic tradition which emigrating Irish and Scots took to the US with them. The earlier European vegetables of choice however were rock hard turnips and beets, the former of which I recall carving every year. And so, when the new settlers discovered orange skinned, hollow centred squash, they switched. Innovation you see is not just about being first to develop something but also about being better, smarter or improving ways to meet customers’ needs.

Whilst we always try to bring our readers something new and informative, in this issue we actively consider innovation, with a broad sweep across different pest management sectors, trying to find what’s new or different. From an interesting Dutch company approach to crop spraying on steep slopes; to two ways to use electricity to avoid herbicides or to tackle problem weeds; an overview of a new insecticide molecule that may help to combat insect resistance; and trying to capture what the crop world discussed in Amsterdam, we hope to have something for everyone. And with cross fertilization – you never know what ideas these articles may provoke.

We also carry a range of contributions from around the world. Beatriz Fernandez looks at developments for rodent monitoring in Singapore and Terry Mabbet considers the perennial problem of Phytophthora infestans, the causal pathogen of late blight disease. We also have an article from Howard Carter on the latest insect repellents and some sage words from Frederic Verwilghen on the benefits of working together to lobby decision makers, even with the competition, to protect industry and the wider pest management user.

We have also been out and about this quarter as the year end is often conference time. With one eye on innovation, we try to provide a flavour of what was exhibited and discussed at PestTech in Birmingham, UK; Parasitec in Paris; the Amenity Forum in Burton-Upon-Trent and the BCPC gathering in Brighton. We sadly do not have enough space to fit everything in and we are therefore holding back our reviews of ABIM and FAOPMA until January.

Our first issue next year will have a special feature on Bird Control. So, if you are active in that area and have something to contribute, do let me know. If you want to read about what is new, why not take out a subscription for the year or ensure you have renewed. I am sure you will not be disappointed. See you in 2017.






David Loughlin, Editor International Pest Control Magazine
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Contents of International Pest Control November/December 2016
Volume 58, Number 6

International News in Brief

Association News

  • Australia announce Pest Manager of the Year award winners.
  • BPCA 75th Anniversary and inaugural British Pest Management Awards.
  • Strong views on UK Pesticide regulation post-Brexit expressed at BCPC Brighton.
  • NPMA Launches Executive Leadership Program.
  • BPCA’s CEO Simon scoops national award.

Special Feature – Innovation

  • New ß-triketone insecticides offer novel mode of action to control resistant insects – Peter May.
  • Killing weeds with light beams.
  • Using electricity to boil weeds.
  • CropWorld Global 2016 focuses on innovation and collaboration – Martin Redbond.
  • Spraying slopes steeper than ever.

Focus on Public Health

  • Lobbying to achieve more sustainable decisions by the European Commission – Frederic Verwilghen.
  • Choosing the right insect repellent – Howard Carter.
  • Embracing technology in monitoring rodent risks – Beatriz Fernandez.
  • Parasitec 2016 in pictures.
  • Parasitec and the ‘Académie du Rat’.
  • Vector Control measures with Vehicle Mountable ULV Aerosol Applicators – Bernd L. Dietrich.
  • PestTech revs up in Birmingham one last time.

Focus on Agriculture

  • BCPC Congress 2016 – Graham Matthews.

Focus on Horticulture & Amenity

  • Plants with pure ‘biology inside’.
  • Late blight disease means an early end for tomato crops – Dr Terry Mabbett.
  • Amenity Forum gets industry moving.
  • Natural enemy for Drosophila suzukii now being distributed.
  • Trap tricks psyllids with sound – Jan Suszliw.

Focus on Forestry & Plantations

  • Curbing the coconut rhinoceros beetle in the Pacific.

Focus on Animal Health

  • Flesh-eating worms have returned to Florida

International Pest Control calendar of events

Published in International Pest Control – November/December 2016 issue.

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