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Urban Pest Management – An Environmental Perspective. 2nd Edition

| February 6, 2024

Urban Pest Management - An Environmental Perspective. 2nd Edition

216 Pages
Hardback:ISBN : 978-1-80062-292-0
ePDF:eISBN : 978-1-80062-293-7
ePub:eISBN : 978-1-80062-294-4

2nd Edition

Edited by: Partho Dhang

The management and control of pests in the urban environment in the 21st century faces many challenges. Pest populations adapt to changing conditions brought about by environmental changes caused by global warming, human population growth, and increased pollution. Urban pests are able to expand their ranges, densities, and habitats, sometimes causing large-scale damage and disease.

This book provides collective insights from academic and industry experts on perspectives concerning urban pest management and regulatory innovations arising from the rapid onset of recent environmental challenges. Chapter topics address pest biology, advances in urban pest management practices, emerging urban pest control developments, new technologies, and regulations.

The book describes new methods of pest control, their impacts on human health and the environment, and strategies for integrated management limiting the use of chemicals. It provides a practical resource for researchers and policy makers in pest management, urban health, medical entomology and environmental science.

This title provides:

An up-to-date and comprehensive resource on environmental urban pest management.

A resource designed to appeal to pest control operators, public health professionals, and a range of field workers, as well as researching academics and graduate students.

Insights from both academic and industry experts together in one volume.

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