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International Pest Control – September/October 2022 – Vol 64, Nr.5

| September 28, 2022

The death of Our Queen or The Queen as President Macron so eloquently put it – is one of those rare events that you remember by where you were when you heard the news. Its finality provides a moment to reflect on the nature of integrity, honesty, service, sacrifice, competence, and leadership. Like many others, IPC recognises Queen Elizabeth IIs lifetime of duty to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. She was born to rule an empire, but during her 70-year reign, former colonies asserted their independence while global inequities persisted.   Her death bookends a mighty span of history at a time when decades happen in weeks.

COVER IMAGE: The official publication for High performance thermal fog generator TF-F 160/150 HD applying insecticide for mosquito control.
Picture by IGEBA.

This feels like a bumper edition of the magazine. The response to our special feature has squeezed our more regular sections which says a lot about the level of interest in biocontrol and integrated pest management. In our news section we kick off with a story about crop plants adapting to climate change. Not strictly pest control but, with change happening more rapidly in some parts of the world than others, it’s something that is going to become increasingly important – with weaker defences plants will be more susceptible to pests.

The desert locust genome has been published – one of those bits of knowledge that may take a few years before it is translated into new and more targeted control systems. The more ways you hear about something the better it seems – and even how you hear about it can affect yield – it’s the way you tell it!

Company news is once again full of acquisitions, a new name to learn – Envu complete with advice on how to pronounce it! Biobest has acquired Agronologica while Welsh Europest has been acquired by American Orkin. Certis and Rokill have both made acquisitions and BASF and Corteva have announced a collaboration.

This section ends with our Company Profile which celebrates the 40th   Anniversary of IGEBA.

The Special Feature kicks off with an in-depth study of the control of the desert locust in Somalia from 2019 to 2021 using a biopesticide based on the fungus   Metarhizium acridum. This is followed up by a look at the challenges for biocontrol, a consideration of the impact of the EU biocidal directive, a look at how we can control furniture beetle, a review of the difficulties of controlling mealybugs, the use of biorationals on cucumber and innovative rice yellow stem borer control. It is good to see how these products are now achieving results against a range of pests in the field.

In public heath we look at how understanding cockroach behaviour can improve control. There are 3,578 known species of mosquitoes – not sure it is good or bad news that “only” 331 are implicated in human disease. We close the public health section with an article on the use of essential oils to control many urban pests and in particular fleas.

In agriculture the focus turns to identifying the bottlenecks to IPM in Africa as well as looking at how powdery mildew of wheat has “successfully” spread around the world in the footsteps of humans starting as early as the stone and bronze ages. We finish in Horticulture with the winners of this year’s WUR Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge.

Our next issue will have a special section on the topic of Managing Storage Pests, so if you have a piece of research to report that would be of interest to our readers do let me know. Equally we welcome articles that will fit with any of our “standard” sections.

Chris Endacott, Editor International Pest Control magazine
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Contents International Pest Control September/October 2022
Volume 64, Number 5.


  • Plants can fight back against climate change
  • ARS releases genome of the voracious desert locust
  • Hogweed infestation to envelop Russia
  • Addressing fall armyworm in Eastern Rwanda


  • NPMA Announces Lifetime Membership Awards
  • PestWorld 2022 in Boston
  • Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting
  • Tenth ICUP conference proved a roaring success
  • The 13th Arab Congress of Plant Protection


  • New ADAMA account manager for Scotland
  • Andermatt majority shareholder of BIOinput
  • Andermatt Mexico – a new subsidiary
  • Bayer Environmental Science to be called Envu
  • Biobest aquires Agronologica
  • Orkin expands into Wales with Europest acquisition
  • PelGar International appoints new Marketing Manager
  • Certis Belchim BV acquires Henry Manufacturing assets
  • Rokill Pest Control acquires two pest control businesses
  • Syngenta’s TYMIRIUM® launched globally
  • BASF and Corteva Agriscience collaborate


  • IGEBA celebrates 40 years


  • Desert locust control in Somalia between 2019 and 2021
  • BioProtection: current opportunities and challenges
  • Lessons of the biocidal directive and regulation
  • A decade of furniture beetle control with S. exarator
  • Mealybugs a challenge to control chemically
  • Sustainable solutions using biocontrol and IPM strategies
  • An innovative rice yellow stem borer control system


  • Cockroaches: Understanding behaviour and treatment
  • How many mosquitoes are of medical importance?
  • Essential oils: An untapped resource


  • Study highlights bottlenecks to IPM in Africa
  • Global spread of powdery mildew: migration and trade
  • Protecting cultivated wheat without pesticides


  • ‘Team Koala’ wins Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge


  • Upcoming pest control events

Published in International Pest Control – September/October 2022 issue.


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