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International Pest Control – September/October 2016 – Vol 58, Nr.5

| December 30, 2016
Cover SepOct 2016

Cover image: Soil hygiene is one of the key contributory factors to plant health. To respond to growers’ needs, Certis Europe developed the CleanStart programme which is an integrated portfolio of tools and solutions designed to improve the biological quality of the soil and to assure the establishment of healthy crops.

With the autumn comes not just the falling of leaves, darker nights and colder days, but a time to move from outdoor to indoor pest management activities,unless you are in the southern hemisphere where you will be soon deluged by a fresh Spring season of new plagues of pest problems. Ah the joy of editing an international magazine.

In Europe we look forward to two of our major crop protection industry events with CropWorld and the association of biocontrol industry meeting. Meanwhile in public health, having just concluded the FAOPMA event on the Gold coast, next stop is PestWorld in Seattle. We will try and do justice to all these events in our remaining issues of 2016. Where has the year gone?

In this issue we look forward to ABIM in Basel and give space to the latest news, views and opinions from the biological pest management world. Biopesticide has never been my favourite catch-all phrase for the industry as the products involved are wide and varied and unlike many pest control products – often alive! We have contributions from all corners, such as macrobials, with a guide on using nematodes in fruit, to semiochemicals with a new pheromone for Rust Red Beetle. We continue with parasites and predators when considering leafminers and plant extracts although not strictly biological, we look at traditional chemistry in the form of copper to manage downy mildew and novel chemistry in the form of an innovative new soap to control a variety of plant pests. Less than complete control has long plagued the conventional pesticide industry and opened the potential for resistance. Biocontrol offers a different concept and we examine how sub-lethal effects may lead to excellent crop protection. Lastly, reflecting our article on Brexit in our last issue, we consider how the UK decision to leave the EU affect SME developments and investment into biocontrol research. Minshad shares his views.

Biopesticides still tend to be considered only with the crop protection market in mind. As always, it takes a while for other sectors to be opened and explored for growth. Partho helps address this issue with an insight into the potential for biopesticides in urban pest management.

Our company profile this issue is from Certis who, like the biocontrol market itself, has not jst demonstrated potential but has achieved considerable growth over the last fifteen years and continues to develop and consolidate its unique position in the market.

With all this activity it can be difficult to squeeze much more in, but we have. From coffee berry borer to potato blight, as usual we do our best to cover all angles and news. In our last issue for the year we will be looking at innovation. We shall be scouring the tradeshows for what’s new and just in case we might miss something, we invite you to send us your new product inventions, ideas and launches.






David Loughlin, Editor International Pest Control Magazine
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Contents of International Pest Control September/October 2016
Volume 58, Number 5

International News in Brief

Association News

  • NPMA helps inform on Zika.
  • Effective weed control impacts upon every UK citizen.
  • CEPA certified reaches the Indian Ocean.

Company Profile

  • Certis Europe positioned for the future.

Special Feature – Biocontrol and Biopesticides

  • Rusty grain beetle – what to do with the pheromone? – Stephen Sexton.
  • Novel Insecticidal Soap – an old dog with new tricks – Mark Baird, Owen Jones and Mark Long
  • Nematodes for the control of fruit pests – Philippe Parageaud.
  • Plants as source for biopesticide against Urban Pests – Partho Dhang and Palaniappan Suresh.
  • The use of plant extracts and secondary metabolites: a new paradigm shift for an effective crop protection and a modern IPM – Edison Valencia Pizo and Nicolás Cock Duque.
  • CABI declares war on invasive aliens.
  • Will Brexit impede biopesticide development? – Dr Minshad Ansari.

Focus on Public Health

  • Are you winter ready?
  • Malaria is no longer leading cause of death among children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Focus on Agriculture

  • Tracking Potato Blight in Europe – Jens Grønbech Hansen.
  • Europe and China join forces against pests.
  • Industry has solution to secure long term access to Metaldehyde slug treatment

Focus on Horticulture

  • Epidemiology and management of downy mildew disease of the cucurbits (Pseudoperonospora cubensis)Terry Mabbett.
  • Complete leafminer biocontrol strategy.

Focus on Forestry & Plantations

  • Developing an IPM plan for Coffee Berry Borer.
  • Adopt-an-Ash to help protect against the Emerald Ash Borer.

Focus on Animal Health

  • Lungworm, endemic in the UK, but treatable biologically.

International Pest Control calendar of events

Published in International Pest Control – September/October 2016 issue.

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