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International Pest Control – November/December 2023 – Vol 65, Nr.6

| November 22, 2023

COVER IMAGE: Igeba Unipro5 ULV aerosol generator being used for application of effective microorganisms (EM).
Picture by Martin Schaert

“For far too long, malaria has threatened the lives of billions of people across the globe, disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable amongst us.” So says Adar Poonawalla, CEO of the Serum Institute of India heralding a milestone in the control of the disease – the introduction of the second ever WHO recommended vaccine for malaria which has achieved efficacy of about 75%. While we may not be on the road to eradication many fewer adults and children will suffer from this devastating disease.

According to Wageningen University & Research a complete ban on the use of glyphosate in agriculture will, in the short term, lead to farmers more frequently using other pesticides and non-chemical alternatives that, on balance, are not necessarily better for humans, the environment, soil life and the climate – we do need to stick with the science.

It seems nowhere is free from invasion; a tiny flightless midge that probably arrived on boots and has colonised Antarctica’s Signy Island, is driving fundamental changes to the island’s soil ecosystem, releasing nutrients that, when combined with climate change, could herald further changes.

We report on M3D – the first Moroccan pest management association, founded in 2019 which works actively with public health stakeholders to better emphasize the skills and essential role of pest management service providers. Dr Peter McEwan gives us a comprehensive review of the “New IPM 2023: One Health” conference held at Swansea University, Wales in September. And we have a short report from the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM) 2023 which attracted participants from 58 countries to Basel, Switzerland. PestWorld 2023 also features.

Company news includes a new rice species from Bayer, and the expansion of its business into the strawberry market, Biobest winning a Bernard Blum award, and BASF building a new fermentation plant for biological crop protection fungi. Syngenta Seedcare are also focusing on biologicals with a new service centre in Maintal, Germany, robots have received funding, lasers are being used to control birds, another Bernard Blum award goes to Koppert’s Nezapar and Certis has expanded the registration of Problad.

Our Special Feature looks at developments in glasshouse pest control, including improved thrips management, IPM, automation, use of microorganisms and the forthcoming annual WUR autonomous greenhouse challenge.

In public health we introduce the USA Vector Expedited Review Voucher (VERV) programme which rewards the registrant of a new insecticide, effective against insecticide-resistant mosquitoes, with a voucher for faster review of a second, unrelated product; an innovative policy response to under-investment in public health insecticides. We also look at using noise against vectors, carbon dioxide to despatch rodents and the ability of a dangerous fungus to establish resistance in just one cycle of sexual reproduction.

And in agriculture, fungal-plant symbiosis may boost plant resilience, a failed antibiotic may be a powerful herbicide and aloa vera may have a role helping farmers protecting staple food crops. Terry Mabbett takes us to Wigan Pier, an Orwellian adventure. We try switching from harmful to helpful fungi with some help from Tokyo University and also look at how all is not lost for the ash threatened by the emerald ash borer. We close with two book reviews by Prof Graham Matthews: the Pesticide Manual 19th  Edition, and Key issues in agricultural ethics.

In our next issue we return to the issue of climate change and its impact on pest management; your contribution to this or any other section would be most welcome.

Chris Endacott, Editor International Pest Control magazine
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Contents International Pest Control November/December 2023
Volume 65, Number 6.


  • Malaria vaccine receives WHO recommendation for use
  • Short-term ban on glyphosate could be counterproductive
  • Grant to fund research on molecular response of plants to stress
  • Invading insects are transforming Antarctic soils


  • Cat flea


  • First Moroccan pest management association
  • A modern multidisciplinary approach to crop protection
  • Spearheading nature-based solutions
  • Aloha from PestWorld in Hawaii


  • Agricultural system for direct-seeded rice
  • Expansion into strawberries
  • Trap-Eye™ wins Bernard Blum Award
  • Phaseout of insecticide products
  • New fermentation plant to be built
  • Syngenta launches first biologicals service for seed treatment
  • Grant to refine all-terrain robot navigation capabilities
  • BirdProTech – The new Bird Control brand
  • Nezapar wins bronze Bernard Blum Award 2023
  • Registration of Problad by Certis Belchim

SPECIAL FEATURE: Developments in Glasshouse Pest Control

  • Thripnok lure for improved management of thrips
  • Integrated pest management in greenhouse vegetables
  • Automation of IPM needs a suitable spraying technology
  • Effective microorganisms (EM) in horticulture
  • Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge.


  • EPA incentive promotes novel public health use insecticides
  • Hearing could be new target for mating disruption
  • New rodent trap addresses animal welfare concerns
  • Aspergillus fumigatus completely shuffles its genome


  • Fungal-plant symbiosis could boost crop resilience
  • Failed antibiotic now a game changing weed killer
  • Aloe vera peels could fight staple food crop pests
  • Search for the super potato


  • Wildlife on The Road to Wigan Pier
  • Switching from harmful to helpful fungi


  • Science can save your ash
  • Novel plant pathogen discovered on northernmost island
  • Biological control agent against papaya mealybug pest


  • The Pesticide-Manual 19th Edition
  • Key issues in agricultural ethics


  • Upcoming pest control events

Published in International Pest Control – November/December 2023 issue.

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