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International Pest Control – March/April 2021 – Vol 63, Nr.2

| April 7, 2021

Cover image: Cotesia icipe, a parasitoid of the early larval stages of the invasive fall armyworm.
Picture by Richard Copeland, icipe

I will start this editorial with a request to our readers. Send us short articles on your research! We are always interested in publishing accessible summaries of published papers or completed practical field research. The guidelines are available on our website but put simply 1,200 to 2,400 words. Good quality, high resolution images, graphs and table in Excel, limited use of brand names – stick to the scientific names, references where relevant and up to date.

A new regular feature for this issue is a special report on the novIGRain project, the first of several regular updates on the progress of this important five year, €7 million project which aims to sustainably reduce the loss of stored grain across Europe by using larvicides.

So what else is in this issue? We start with the big players, BASF and Bayer setting out their sustainability stalls, two important players in the world pest control market. Both are moving fast into the technology sector with BASF entering into a partnership with Bosch to develop a “smart spraying” solution and Bayer developing its FieldView digital platform while both are collaborating on biotech.

In England, the National Trust has engaged the services of our previous editor David Loughlin to run a trial on the control of “heritage pests” that are munching their way through the Trust’s collection of books, furnishings and clothes. Hopefully, we will be getting a report of the trials later in the year as this is thought to be a world first; using wasps and pheromones to protect our heritage from pests.

The third world autonomous greenhouse challenge will open to entrants in April and the goal of this challenge is a fully automated greenhouse and no human interference. If you work in horticulture be warned – the technology is after your jobs! Maybe not for a while though.

And Finally, we get on to the potato; CABI together with WUR are working with farmers in Pakistan to improve the knowledge of smallholder potato growers, from planting good quality seeds to reducing crop losses and damage in storage and transport.

Our Association section kicks off with a look at BPCA’s digital pest management event which had 1,780 visitors and 46 exhibitors. Let’s hope that when the world reopens, we can hold on to some of the benefits of these virtual events. IFAD has reappointed Gilbert F. Houngbo as President and the IBMA is happy with the EC’s new Farm to Fork strategy.

While many of us are still in, just coming out of, or about to go into lockdown the world of big business continues apace. Bayer divesting its Environmental Science business, Biobest getting label extensions, BioPhero obtaining $17m funding, Certis being excellent in Spain, Killgerm acquires Sprayclear, MustGrow isolates a bioherbicide, Kubota invests in flying fruit pickers, fenaco and have agreed on a strategic collaboration….the list goes on!

Our special feature is invertebrate pest management, and we take a look at using temperature to control pests, control of fall army worm with attractants, controlling disease of pineapples (a crop that we don’t feature that often) by controlling ants, and finally controlling fall army worm with the mass release of indigenous natural enemies.

So now I have run out of space before I can tell you about all the other great features in the magazine! CABI on fall army worm, ICUP Webinar, spuds under siege, biological fungicides in Cameroon, new aliens in the UK, fighting emerald ash borer in the US, Huanglongbing again, low carbon pigs, happy cows and controlling a weed with an endangered species, perfect!

Chris Endacott, Editor International Pest Control magazine
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Contents International Pest Control March/April 2021
Volume 63, Number 2.


  • BASF banking on delivering Sustainable Solutions.
  • Bayer explains its long-term strategy.
  • EPA interim decisions on picloram.
  • UK National Trust launch trial of parasitoids and pheromones.
  • Animals fake death for long periods to escape predators.
  • WUR 3rd International Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge.
  • Validate qualifications with PROMPT Verified.
  • …And Finally…CABI chips in with WUR to improve Pakistan potato crop.


  • Successful digital PestExtra 2021 attracts 1,780.
  • New chair for UK Rodenticide Resistance Action Group.
  • IFAD President with agenda to end hunger millions.
  • IBMA thanks the EC for Farm to Fork strategy.


  • Bayer to Divest Environmental Science Professional business.
  • ASPERELLO® T34 Biocontrol™ label expansion in US.
  • BioPhero announces $17 million funding.
  • Killgerm Group Ltd announce acquisition.
  • Business Excellence Award for Certis Spain.
  • MustGrow isolates mustard-derived bioherbicide.
  • Kubota invests in flying fruit picker.
  • fenaco and agree on strategic collaboration.
  • Timorex® Act biofungicide registered in Mexico.
  • Pluton Biosciences and Bayer AG join forces.
  • Pelsis acquires Edialux France.
  • Syngenta news.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Invertebrate Pest Management.

  • Low temperature to control pests and resistance – V Stejskal, T Vendl, R Aulicky.
  • A fatal attraction controls the invasive fall armyworm – ISCA.
  • Controlling mealybug wilt disease of pineapple – Partho Dhang, PhD.
  • icipe launches indigenous natural enemies to control FAW – icipe.
  • CABI updates safer options for FAW control in Africa – CABI.

novIGRain Consortium


  • Reunited in first ICUP webinar – ICUP


  • Pre-em herbicide treatments boost sugar beet yields.
  • Spuds under seige – Dr Terry Mabbett.
  • NSW lifts ban on GM crops.
  • Race against rust.
  • Insects prevent food plants warning neighbours of attack – Sara LaJeunesse.
    Spotlight: two-spotted spider mite – David Abeijon.


  • Cabbage whites trigger egg-killing leaf necrosis in crucifers weed.


  • Biological fungicide reveals disease resistance in Cameroon – Dr Nayem Hassan, Mr Koteswararao Chiluvuri and Mr Soliman Masaoudi.
  • New alien invasive insect will leave a scent trail in UK – Dr Terry Mabbett.
  • Fungi show promise against emerald ash borer.
  • Peptide that treats and prevents killer citrus disease – Jules Bernstein.


  • British pig farms significantly reduce carbon footprint – Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Outside pasture for emotional wellbeing.
  • Endangered weevil could control invasive hostplant – CABI in Switzerland.


  • Upcoming pest control events

Published in International Pest Control – March/April 2021 issue.

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