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International Pest Control – March/April 2018 – Vol 60, Nr.2

| May 2, 2018

Cover Image: Octavius Hunt, Bristol, UK are one the world’s largest suppliers of smoke generators. Formed in 1870 and originally established as a manufacturer of matches, the company today offers a wide range of pyrotechnic pesticidal products. The health and safety of operators is paramount and as an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company all products are subject to stringent manufacturing and testing.

Some months we have so many articles submitted to us, it is difficult decide what to include and what to postpone to our next issue. This was such a month and was one of the contributory reasons for the delay in getting this issue out to you. It is not surprising, as the special feature topic of pesticide application is so central to any good pest management practice, whichever sector of the industry you work in.

We start the issue as usual with our round-up of news stories that have caught our attention. It is never meant to be an exhaustive list, as we could fill the whole of IPC with news stories, many of which would be of little interest, however we do ask that if you have a story to tell and wish to inform the wider world, make sure we are on your marketing department’s PR and news circulation lists.

We also aim to keep you abreast of the goings-on inside the various trade associations. It is easier for us to report back for those associations who communicate in English, so I reach out to readers from various national agencies to include us in their news briefings, in whatever language you work. We love a challenge.

I am happy to remind you that 2018 is the 60th year publication for IPC magazine and as one of our longer standing technical consultants, Graham starts our articles with an update on his memoires, started in our January issue, this time covering 1960 to 1990’s.

With our special feature of application technology, I have tried to spread the net wide this issue and draw upon the widest possible definition of application. Alan Abel of Total Weed Control, considers the tools necessary for the various situations they encounter to manage weeds in the amenity sector; Nikolaus Wilke and his colleagues then take us into the world of galleries and museums and the challenges of insect control when handling valuable works of art; Octavius Hunt explain how their pyrotechnic technology can best be utilized; and we finish with four articles looking at international advances in pesticide application (Graham), how to improve the economics of pesticide application (B&G), the changes in pesticide application equipment over 60 years, with a strong nod to ULV (Edward Bals) and finally Alberto of Igeba examines how droplet size influences delivery.

We still have room to reflect on some sector news. We went to Germany in January and we review the Pest Protect exhibition in our Public Health section. In Agriculture, Graham considers how insect control on cotton has changed over the years and Brian Hicks looks at the latest technologies on display at the last Agritechnic show. Finally, I feed-back on an Amenity Forum regional updating event that was held just down the road from my office.

Lastly, we include a few book reviews also this month and having received more than we could manage, have had to hold some of these back to our next issue. So, there is plenty for you to read and more for me to edit and prepare for you to enjoy in our next issue.






David Loughlin, Editor International Pest Control Magazine
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Contents of International Pest Control March/April 2018
Vol 60, Number 2



  • Crop protection industry launches global transparency initiative.
  • CEPA encourages members to comply with new digital regulations.
  • Past President FAOPMA recognised for services.
  • Henry Mott, CEPA Chair addresses the membership


  • Matthew’s memoires (1960’s-90’s)

SPECIAL FEATURE – Applications Technology

  • Amenity spraying tools – Alan Abel.
  • Humidity-controlled and warm-air pest eradication technology with a focus on museum collections and works of art – Nikolaus Wilke, Rebecca Sawyer and Oliver Junk.
  • Controlling pests and diseases using pyrotechnic chemistry.
  • International advances in pesticide application – Graham Matthews.
  • Improving the economics of pesticide application in pest control.
  • Pesticide application equipment: 60 years of history – Edward Bals.
  • Droplet science: a short introduction – Alberto Sabatini.


  • Pest Protect goes north.
  • Rodent detection dogs unleashed in South Georgia.


  • Insect control on cotton – some changes over the years – Grahan Matthews.
  • Digital technologies at the forefront of Agritechnica – Brian Hicks.


  • Amenity Matters gets updated in the Clubhouse – David Loughlin


  • Colonies in Collision: a concatenated chronicle of termites and termiteers in Australia 1788-2018 –  Doug Howick and Ion Staunton.
  • The UK Pesticide Guide 2018 – BCPC.
  • Knowing and Recognizing – Koppert Biological Systems


  • Upcoming pest control events

Published in International Pest Control – March/April 2018 issue.

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