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Calendar of international pest control events

ConExPest 2020
May 14 – May 15 all-day

Polish Pest Control Association operates for more than 20 years.

The organization was established to reshape the Polish ddd market after the political changes in ‘89 and to create the highest standards of professional services provided by the industry. Association is created by a variety of ddd specialists.

We are a member of CEPA, Confederation of European Pest Management Associations. We cooperate with sanitary and veterinary inspections, administrations, scientific institutions etc: School of Agricultural, University of Warmia and Mazury, the University of Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish Society of Purity, Polish Society of Hygiene, the State Department of Health, and many other institutions.

By our actions we are trying to increase awareness of ddd challenges and methods of preventing them, securing public health by performing ddd activities, and improving the expertise of both our members and not affiliated individuals: protecting health, food trade and distribution. In this regard, we provide extensive training and information, organize numerous local and national conferences.

We are modern, constantly adapting organization. Gathered information about the trends and legal regulations are published in our own professional quarterly published continuously for several years. We have our own specialized departments providing specialized services, such as the Office of Experts, which provides support for counseling, consultation, issuing opinions and expertise in the field of ddd.

Global Agriculture Technology Summit 2021 – Virtual Event @ Virtual
Feb 16 – Feb 17 all-day

The Global Agriculture Technology Summit 2021 is our first ever 24-hours marathon virtual conference with the presence of key industry players gathered around the world to discuss current issues and emerging opportunities through the lens of science and technology. The summit will also focus on mixtures of topics such as precision agriculture, vertical farming, talent management, water & soil management, fintech in agriculture, women in AgTech, cyber security and more. It will consist of case study presentations from thoughts leaders and interactive panel discussion to debate on some of the trending dialogues.

Key topics include:

  • Women in AgTech
  • FinTech and Farm Insurance
  • The New Normal: Vertical Farming
  • Talent Pipeline for the Future of Agriculture
  • Driving Agribusiness E-commerce and Digital Marketplace
  • AgriFood Systems Innovation to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals
  • Planning for the Uncertainties – Crisis Response and Mitigation Planning to Ensure Business-As-Usual

Attend This Virtual Conference and Gain Insight into:

  • Discuss good practices and innovative ideas in agriculture technology
  • Learn how your farm could afford technologies yet practical
  • Strengthen resilience and agility in business
  • Ensure food safety through traceability technology and safety measures
  • Maximize your knowledge in fintech and insurance in agriculture


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