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DNA scan crop failure solution is a UK first

| April 7, 2019

In a UK first, a pioneering scientific research company has introduced a new way for growers to test their plants and crops for harmful fungi and bacteria, allowing action to be taken before it’s too late.

Eurofins Agro UK has introduced scientific testing to the UK which can detect an issue before it becomes visible, with the aim of reducing the likelihood of crop failure. The DNA Multiscan tests are common practice in the Netherlands but will now be available to growers here.

A report generated as part of the testing allows a targeted solution, instead of broad-brush treatments. These tests should also assist in efforts to reduce the need for pesticides, something advocated in the RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission’s ‘Our Common Ground’ report released in October.

Managing director Isobel Daley said: “We are the first company in the UK to introduce this testing because we’ve seen the huge difference it makes in the Netherlands and believe horticulturalists here will vastly benefit from a change in perspective.

“Rather than seeing testing as a way of diagnosing a problem they know is already there and which needs fixing, routine analysis will help catch pathogens at a much earlier stage before they begin visibly damaging the plant.

“It’s the crop equivalent of taking your car for its MOT every year – you don’t wait until it breaks down but instead experts routinely and thoroughly investigate whether there is anything underlying which could cause an issue for you at a future time.”

The test can identify over 50 different types of fungi and bacteria, and can be adapted depending on the plant being sampled.  The company has produced a guide explaining the process of the tests for growers and nurseries, which can be downloaded at

Published in International Pest Control – March/April 2019 issue.

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