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Company Profile…ZAPI: Protecting from environmental parasites since 1970

| October 14, 2020

Pierpaolo Zambotto, Vice President and General Manager of Zapi recalls the history of Zapi, on the 50th anniversary of the foundation.

“Zapi is a company owned by the Zambotto family and was founded in Padua in 1970 by Pietro Zambotto, currently President of the Company. Throughout the years, the commercial development and the investments turned the Company into an Industry with research & development and production departments. Today Zapi is able to meet the expectations of the customers and end users in over 60 countries around the world by proposing itself as the best partner for the private label solution of biocides.

ZAPI laboratory facilities

We guarantee our customers high quality rodenticides and insecticides developed for both “amateur and professional markets” to be used in civil, industrial and rural environments.

Zapi staff has reached 150 employees and is able to control the whole process of creation, production and distribution of biocidal products: from market needs monitoring by the strategic marketing, to the product identification by R&D, to the preparation of the dossiers by the Regulatory Affairs, to Manufacturing & Logistics, and Customer Service activity, provided by our two Business Units.

Since 2009 Zapi has been operating with a single Integrated Quality Management System (UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, Environment UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 and Health and Safety OSHAS 18001: 2007).

The Padua factory

The efforts made along the years led Zapi to develop several inventions now protected by international patents, as well as over 220 biocidal Authorizations in Europe.

The outcome of various investment projects focused onto the Organization, the Production facilities and the Product portfolio allowed us to achieve two important market leaderships: the “Home & Garden” side in Italy, (thanks to the Zapi Garden brand), and the Private Label channel of the paste bait rodenticide in Europe.

On the 50th anniversary of the foundation of ZAPI, today we have one more reason to celebrate: the Competent Authorities recently granted us two new biocides Authorizations for our innovative ant gel and our innovative cockroach gel“.


Strategic Marketing and Product Management

This company department is in charge with product portfolio management & development and takes care of:

  • Identifying future needs by studying trends, consumer needs and developing market analysis
  • Reaching some future products candidates in cooperation with the technical departments
  • Engineering new biocides to launch on the market in cooperation with production
  • Introducing new products by creating product marketing & distribution plans as well as following their life cycle.

Technical department: R&D and Regulatory affairs

The Technical Department is focused on:

  • Research & Development of products as well as on future sustainable solutions of rodenticides and insecticides
  • Preparation/submission of Authorization dossiers according to the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR 528/2012) to achieve BPR mother authorizations
  • Quality Control process into Labs

Production, supply chain and logistics

Into the production plant (2.600 m2) over 1000 different types of products/packs/size are yearly manufactured and packed. Quality is the top priority for Zapi, with over 2500 analysis reports and thousands of yearly “in process- checks”, to guarantee consistent quality at every step of the production process. Planning is managed by MRP systems to grant both the “made to stock” process and the “made to order” process in cooperation with the supply chain and several reliable suppliers of packs and row materials.

The logistics division (an area of over 5400 m2), equipped with radio frequency management system grants a proper service and a scheduled shipping plan.

Pasta bait production line


Zapi business is managed by two Business Units:

  • BUPWCI for international consumer activities and for worldwide Professional activities
  • BUIC for Italian consumer activities

BUPWCI: the best partner for your brand of biocidal product

Addressing the leading branded players into consumer and professional markets, the BUPWCI Team allows our partners to choose amongst over 300 different combinations of packaging/formulations into rodent & insect control, operating in more than 60 countries in the world and different languages:

  • Sales force: offering customized solutions to clients,
  • Regulatory Affairs: submitting dossiers and obtaining national authorizations in numerous foreign countries (also outside the European territory) in compliance with the local regulations,
  • in-house Graphic designers developing artworks for the product packaging with client brand/logo,
  • Customer Service managing client orders/shipments and after-sales assistance,
  • Marketing and Product Managers providing product training & positioning.

BUIC Italy: Zapigarden the Home & Garden  leader

Zapigarden is the original brand launched by the founder which has grown over the years to become the leader in Italy in the Home & Garden sector thanks to distribution in over 4000 specialized shops, like agricultural stores and garden centres.

Served by a network of over 40 agents, Zapigarden offers a wide catalogue of over 200 specialties to protect the “home” from rodents and insects as well as “plants in vegetable and ornamental gardens” from parasites, diseases, and weeds.

PESTNET Group: distribution for Professional Pest Control

Over time ZAPI has invested into a distribution activity focusing on PCOs: the Pestnet Group, European distributor of multibrands solutions for IPM into professional pest management. Currently active in South Europe, Pestnet contributes to the professional pest controllers looking for safe/efficient solutions to control insects, rodents, and other parasites in industrial, public and livestock environments.

All Photos: Zapi

For more information contact: Aldo D’Amario – Responsabile Marketing Business Unit Professional World
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