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Advances in Pest Management in Commercial Flowers

| July 23, 2019

Advances in Pest Management in Commercial Flowers

December 2019
Hardback & eBook
289 Pages with index
ISBN Hardbound: 978-1-77188-817-2
ISBN eBook: 9780429284120

Floricultural crops all over the world are challenged by a number of insect and mite pests. The pest scenario is changing, and with climate change the instances of new pest incidences have become a more common problem. Like other crops, the intensive cultivation of commercial flowers has accentuated pest problems, as farmers tend to use more agricultural chemicals, which, in turn, increase the problems of pesticide resistance, pest resurgence, and residues leading to health hazards.

This volume, Advances in Pest Management in Commercial Flowers, looks at the major challenges and improvements in this growing area today. It first provides an informative overview of worldwide pests of important commercial flowers. It explores a number of important issues in this area, such as the role of climate change on insect pests of commercial flowers and the synthetic chemicals and their possible harmful effects on the environment. It goes on to offer novel research on management of pest problems in commercial flower production, discussing eco-friendly techniques, the use of new and promising chemicals, the employment of indigenous technical knowledge, and more.

This volume will be of immense value and use to floriculturists, entomologists, plant protection specialists, students, policymakers, and growers worldwide, encouraging them to adopt alternative pest suppression methods that are effective and eco-friendly.

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