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Online client access for Subscription Agents to International Pest Control

Subscription agents

Subscription agents wishing to arrange online access to International Pest Control for their clients should email a copy, or full details, of their PAID subscription order covering the relevant period to in plain text or PDF format. Details of the subscriber’s IP address(es) should also be supplied.

For security reasons we require full end-user address details before setting up online access for subscribers. This includes the addresses for any orders that are sent to third-party or consolidation addresses, and not directly to the subscriber. If orders are received without end-user details, then we will contact you for this information. Online access will not be granted without end-user details.

We will set up access for the end user and confirm to you and/or the client when this has been done. We will request further information from you if we have any queries about the status of the subscription.

If you do not hold electronic copies of your orders, you may post or fax a copy to our offices, although this may take considerably longer.

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