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Media 2019

International Pest Control (IPC) magazine is an independent, bimonthly magazine . It is the leading magazine in the world dealing with all aspects of pest prevention and pest eradication.

Because pests recognise no national boundaries, the problems they cause are increasingly approached from an international perspective. IPC provides authoritative reviews of pest control developments worldwide, with news, articles, reviews, features and comments. It is published in the interest of everyone concerned with the control of infestation of all types – in agriculture; in food manufacturing, storage and distribution; in domestic, commercial and industrial premises. It uniquely provides information on all markets, all pests, whether bird, insect, fungal, weed or mammal.

IPC keeps its readers informed of trends in new techniques, new chemicals, new products, and new methods of applying existing remedies – these are the practical tools of the pest control industry the world over.

The magazine also provides information on control and protection against various diseases transmitted by insects.

We have upgraded our system to allow access to issues from January 2018 onwards via mobile and tablet devices. Subscribers, will have free access to all issues from January 2004 to December 2017 via any computer browser, and all issues from January 2018 via any browser, tablet, or mobile device.

Subscription (6 Issues): Institutional Rate £156 Personal Rate £85 . To subscriber please visit https://international-pest-control.com/subscribe.

Special Features and Extra Distribution 2019

Vol 61 – 2019 Issues

Special Features

Extra Distribution

Jan-Feb 2019
61 (1)
Pest Management in the Food Industry.
It is a long way from the farm to the plate and along the way there are numerous opportunities for our food to be contaminated by pests; insects, mites, rodents and birds. We share the latest techniques with our readership.
Disinfestando 2019,
Milan, Italy,
06-07 Mar 2019.

PestEx 2019,
London, UK,
20-21 Mar 2019.

Mar-Apr 2019
61 (2)
Vector Control / Biting Invertebrates.
Despite our best efforts millions of people around the world have their lives severely affected or even shortened by the vectors of disease. Others suffer from nuisance pests which may not kill them but which plague them at work and at home. This feature will look at the latest control techniques and what the future may hold.
Parasitec-Budapest 2019,
Budapest, Hungary,
09-10 May 2019.
May-Jun 2019
61 (3)
Invasive Pests.
With ever greater mobility of crops, produce, plants and people comes the inadvertent – or sometimes deliberate – introduction of species to parts of the world where they have no natural enemies or where there is no resistance and where they can spread out of control destroying the local ecosystem. We look at how we can fight back and put our mistakes right.
Jul-Aug 2019
61 (4)
Vertebrate Pests / Rodents & Birds.
There is one of these only a few metres away from you even as you read this – or so we are told! Vertebrate pests do untold damage to our crops, stored produce, and even the fabric of our buildings, vehicles and built infrastructure. We take a look at the latest control techniques and how the battle for control ebbs and flows between us and them.
12th EVPMC 2019
Clermont Ferrand, France
09-13 Sep 201931st FAOPMA-Pest Summit 2019,
Daejeon, South Korea,
24-27 Sep 2019.

PestWorld 2019,
San Diego, USA,
15-18 Oct 2019.

Sep-Oct 2019
61 (5)
Biopesticides & Semiochemicals.
A rapidly growing area of pest control as more and more organisations want to move away from the use of traditional toxic pesticides and adopt instead these natural products which we hope have no adverse effects on us or the ecosystem.
 ABIM 2019,
Basel, Switzerland, 21-23 Oct 2019.
Nov-Dec 2019
61 (6)
Weed Management.
With some of our long term weed control agents under the spotlight and new technology allowing AI systems to identify the weed in the field and kill it using mechanical, high voltage or some other non-chemical technique we look at the future of Weed Management.

IPC magazine was first published in 1958 and for over 60 years has been bringing the latest news, views, opinion and technical reports to you our readers. In every issue, as well as our special features above, we have sections on Public Health, Animal Health, Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry. We always welcome interesting articles from our readers and would like to hear from you if you feel you can contribute. Contact Dr Chris Endacott, the editor, on: editor@international-pest-control.com

Media 2019

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