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Media 2019

International Pest Control (IPC) magazine is an independent, bimonthly magazine first published in 1958. It is the leading magazine in the world dealing with all aspects of pest prevention and pest eradication.

Because pests recognise no national boundaries, the problems they cause are increasingly approached from an international perspective. IPC provides authoritative reviews of pest control developments worldwide, with news, articles, reviews, features and comments. It is published in the interest of everyone concerned with the control of infestation of all types – in agriculture; in food manufacturing, storage and distribution; in domestic, commercial and industrial premises.
It uniquely provides information on all markets, all pests, whether bird, insect, fungal, weed or mammal.

IPC keeps its readers informed of trends in new techniques, new chemicals, new products, and new methods of applying existing remedies – these are the practical tools of the pest control industry the world over.

The magazine also provides information on control and protection against various diseases transmitted by insects.

Regular features include Public Health, Agriculture, Horticulture & Amenity, Forestry & Plantation and Animal Health.

Special Features 2019

Jan-Feb 2019 – Pest Management in the Food Industry.

Mar-Apr 2019 – Vector Control / Biting Invertebrates.

May-Jun 2019 – Invasive Pests.

Jul-Aug 2019 – Vertebrate Pests / Rodents & Birds.

Sep-Oct 2019 – Biopesticides & Semiochemicals.

Nov-Dec 2019 – Weed Management.

Should you wish to contribute an article on any of the above special features or regular features please do not hesitate to contact us.

Media 2019

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Standard Rates are:

  • Full page Cover – GBP £1295 / USD $2590 (Full page only).
  • Full Page Inside – GBP £995 / USD $1990.
  • Half Page – GBP £490 / USD $980.
  • Quarter Page – GBP £350 / USD $700

We can offer you the following discounts on series rates booked for 2018 – All Ads booked for JanFeb 2018 issue will be charges at full rate unless, it’s a Half or Full page 4 to 6 series in which case the appropriate discounted rate will apply.

All single Ads (any size) as per the standard rate

Full Page

  • 2-series @ 15% discount.
  • 3-series @ 20% discount.
  • 4-series @ 25% discount.
  • 5-series @ 30% discount.
  • 6-series @ 35% discount.

Half Page

  • 2-series @ 10% discount.
  • 3-series @ 15%discount.
  • 4-series @ 20% discount.
  • 5-series @ 25% discount.
  • 6-series @ 30% discount

Quarter Page

  • 2-series @ 5% discount.
  • 3-series @ 7.5%discount.
  • 4-series @ 10% discount.
  • 5-series @ 12.5% discount.
  • 6-series @ 15% discount.

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For further information on submitting an article(s) or booking advertising space in IPC  magazine or web-site
please contact: – Ras Patel on raspatel@researchinformation.co.uk

728x90 banner advertisement for International Pest Control
220x90 banner advertisement for International Pest Control