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International Pest Control – May/June 2016 – Vol 58, Nr.3

| June 10, 2016

Cover image: Controlled Droplet Application sprayers are in use in some amenity areas especially for weed control as the rotary nozzle provides a better droplet spectrum. Here a shielded sprayer permits treatments close to sensitive plants without spray drift. Photo courtesy of John Clayton, Micron Sprayers.

The amenity market covers numerous pests and pest situations and is our special feature this issue. It is a sector that often is neglected by industry and the regulators, as illustrated this year by the ban in the UK of chlorpyrifos, which has long been the subject of a stewardship campaign (Say No To Drift). Did the regulators consider the danger to aircraft when announcing its sudden withdrawal? The insecticide has long been used to control soil dwelling insects on airfields on which birds feed. Read more in the article by Roger Koukkoullis. We continue with a review of one of the 2016 Amenity Forum updating events that promote best practice for the sector and we consider sprayer choice and how to tackle weed control on railways. Finally Terry gives an over view of which weeds are a menace on sports turf.

We feature two very contrasting solutions to mosquito control. As an ovicidal solution the Ovillanta is a simple conversion of used car tyres to attract egg laying females, while the Photonic Fence is a concept that is fast becoming a reality; a laser-based solution that can identify and target adult insect pests. Appropriately, as the cricket test series gets going again in the UK, it is timely that we include a review of ISNTD Bites, the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases’ annual event to look at the latest thinking in vector control and disease surveillance, which took place this year at Lord’s Cricket ground.

In agriculture, we have a review of the most recent agrochemical meeting in Shanghai. Among the topic of discussion there, may have been the various companies and pesticides that are under scrutiny worldwide. With three major merger and acquisition deals being debated, will we see further consolidation and rationalisation? While Europe dawdles in making a decision on glyphosate, a major US consumer group decides to eliminate neonicotinoids from its range. Meanwhile aldicarb appears to be making a comeback, as US farmers struggle with growing cotton. Meanwhile Monsanto pushes ahead with its own Bt cotton technology the “Lygus trait”.

New innovations are always around the corner. Semiosbio is attracting yet more funding as it rolls out its pheromone-based insect control system raising $8m in financing and considering semiochemicals, we look at possible aromatic solutions for the biological control of weeds. We have a discussion of new solution for the Mexican Rice Borer and a parasitoid wasp that may help in the fight against Emerald Ash Borer. Concluding on forestry and with a relevance to all markets worldwide, we have a report that explains why the US must step-up forest pest prevention and why trees matter.

Another full and varied issue that we hope you enjoy. Please keep your article and news stories coming.






David Loughlin, Editor International Pest Control Magazine
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Contents of International Pest Control May/June 2016
Volume 58, Number 3

International News in Brief


  • Evan Thornhill – 1932 – 2016

Association News

  • BASIS appoints new chief executive.
  • Keeping pace with changes in pesticide authorisations.
  • Two new backers brings CRRU UK roster to 17.
  • NPMA release Bug Barometer.
  • Key issues in the run up to the EU referendum

Special Feature – Amenity Management

  • Managing the problem of leatherjacket at UK airports – Roger Koukkoullis.
  • Continuing to promote best practice in amenity – Graham Matthews.
  • Using pesticides in amenity areas – Graham Matthews.
  • Managing weeds on railway lines – Jonathan Caine.
  • The makings of a turf weed – Terry Mabbett

Focus on Public Health

  • Photonic Fence showcased at Hannover Messe – Arty Makagon.
  • Simple innovation for killing mosquito eggs.
  • Driving integrated vector control in the global sustainable development framework – Marianne Comparet and Kamran Rafiq.
  • World Malaria Day highlights the push to eliminate malaria.
  • 9th International Conference on Urban Pests – ICUP2017.

Focus on Agriculture

  • Biological control of weeds via their own aromas – Harro Bouwmeester.
  • A New Resource for fighting the Mexican Rice Borer – Leslie Mertz.
  • New technology could improve insect control in cotton.
  • The agrochemical world meet at CAC 2016 Shanghai – Rob Fryatt.

Focus on Horticulture

  • Pheromone insect control system raises $8m in financing.
  • Lead consumer gardening brand announces plan to eliminate neonicotinoids.

Focus on Forestry & Plantations

  • New parasitoid wasp may help the fight against Emerald Ash Borer.
  • U.S. must step-up forest pest prevention.

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