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International Pest Control – March/April 2016 – Vol 58, Nr.2

| May 3, 2016
IPC MarApr16 Cover

Cover image: Oomph Media Group, the African out-of-home and experiential marketing specialists, recently executed an open market and neighbourhood awareness campaign in Lagos, Nigeria, on behalf of Bayer.

We have had some very encouraging and favourable comments about the new look that we launched with our last issue. Thank you for these. While both I and the magazine may be in our 50’s, I believe we are still able to adapt, refresh and move with the times. If you have suggestions for more improvements (of the magazine not me) feel free to send them in.

It has been a very busy first quarter to 2016 and if this issue is a little late in hitting your screens and desk it is only because we have been trying hard to cram everything in.

Our special feature this issue is pest management in the media. GM crops are frequently in the public eye and Martin takes us through the barriers to the adoption of the technology. Graham considers how media can be used in training in vector management programmes by the WHO and we highlight one African campaign by Bayer to change outlooks on rodent control. Meanwhile I update the story behind one biopesticide company in the US that has recently hit the headlines.

In public health we have an excellent article from the Czech Republic with great photographs illustrating rodent problems occurring in farms and stores. We also attended two very good exhibitions and seminars in Europe, in Stuttgart (Pest Protect) and Peterborough (PPC Live) and we provide an initial photo report from each of these. The Global Food Industry also met in Berlin and thanks to contributions from Rentokil and CEPA, we are pleased to include a review. Finally, in the UK, as I am sure is the case elsewhere, the modern day pest controller comes into the industry by various routes. Clive presents a report that profiles one batch of recent recruits.

In agriculture and horticulture we consider a new aid for calibrating sprayers, a look at the success of one pheromone mating disruption solution to provide labour saving pest control strategies in stone and top fruit and we hear from the Association of Applied Biologists, Advances in Pesticide Application Conference.

Last but not least our award winning writer, Terry Mabbett gives an in depth assessment of blister blight disease on tea and how best to manage it.

Elsewhere, we include our usual snapshot of pest management stories from around the world and a round up of trade association activities. And that’s not all, but I will leave you to discover our other items for yourself. If the remaining 9 months are as busy as the first 3 have been, we are in for a great year and I hope you are too.






David Loughlin, Editor International Pest Control Magazine
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Contents of International Pest Control March/April 2016
Volume 58, Number 2

International News in Brief

Association News

  • Digital ID card boost for BASIS PROMPT members
  • Biocontrol and Biopesticide Associations form international federation
  • BPCA sets milestone target after bumper year
  • UK farming and the EU referendum
  • Seminar sees European Parliament address benefits of conservation agriculture
  • US pest management association to host strategy and vision summit
  • New CEO for NPMA
  • CEPA certified gets great reception at the 15th Global Food Safety Conference
  • 2016 annual amenity conference plans announced

Special Feature – pest management in crisis

  • Barriers to the adoption of GM crops – Martin Redbond
  • Indoor residual spraying for mosquito control – the importance of training spray operators – Graham Matthews & Rajpal Yadav
  • Using media specialists to change the outlook on rodent control in Africa
  • Rise and fall of the bio-executive

Focus on Public Health

  • Pestilential activities of rodents at farms and in stores of agro-food commodities – Stejskal, V., Rodl, P. & Aulicky, R.
  • Profiling pest professionals – Clive Boase
  • Is the end in sight for rodent glue boards?
  • Pest Management at the 15th Global Food Safety Conference
  • Mosquitoes in the media
  • Pest Protect and PPC Live Exhibitions
  • World-leading trap manufacturers unite under new American owners

Focus on Agriculture

  • Successful and labour-saving pest control strategies in pome and stone fruit
  • Biological and Engineering researchers meet in Barcelona
  • New aid for calibrating sprayers
  • Glyphosate most heavily used weed-killer in history

Focus on Horticulture

  • Robust aphid control with predatory Sphaerophoria-System
  • Boost for UK crop science as NIAB and EMR join forces
  • Dr Terry Mabbett wins James Cup for second time
  • Epidemiology and management of Exobasidium vexans (blister blight disease) on Camellia sinensis (tea) – Terry Mabbett
  • Can the Ash in Europe survive double whammy?

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