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International Pest Control – March/April 2017 – Vol 59, Nr.2

| April 29, 2017

Cover image: On March 2, at the farm of Karolyn, Tony and Brendan Mason, 35 km east of Perenjori in Western Australia, the Condor Endurance completed 2,638 ha (6,515.86 acres) of summer spraying in nonstop 24 hours. That’s an average of almost 110 ha per hour! Within this period there was one hour in which the machine sprayed 150.7 ha, a second world record. The record breaking team from left to right: Mark Slater, Jim Gilmour, Karolyn Mason, Drew Fraser, Brendan Mason, Tony Mason, Ben Slater and in the foreground Bilbo the dog.

Unlike Spring in the northern hemisphere, we are a bit late this month. Blame a manic March and a very successful PestEx for which we have delayed our publishing date to include a review. Our thanks to Clive for the report and BPCA for the photos. The whole pest management industry seems to be thriving despite the political and economic uncertainties and as usual we do our best to cram as much as possible into our 56 pages.

Remember that June 6 is to be first ever global pest awareness day. Promote your industry to the world and let us know what you do.

Our special feature this issue is application technology. It is easy to blame resistance or products for pest control failures. How often is the application equipment considered? Not only does our regular technical consultant, Graham Matthews look at some recent developments in application technology but we are pleased to congratulate IPARC on winning a recent award and pass on details about their forthcoming move to Harper Adams. Italian company Martignani tell us about their electrostatic mist-blowers in the fight against mosquitoes while down under we have news of world spray records for the Agrifac Condor Endurance. Back up here, Certis consider how correct application is important for soil fumigation. I also put finger to keyboard to discuss what the WHO consider a suitable hand operated compression sprayer. Many companies claim to be approved. Find out why they shouldn’t.

In addition to PestEx 2017, we have a collection of articles in public health including the latest on rodenticide stewardship, and considering the European Parliament has now voted in favour of low-risk pesticides of biological origin, one researcher from South Africa considers if biological control agents could help in the fight against wasps.

Elsewhere in agriculture, we report on French research that examines how applying less pesticide may not necessarily lead to crop losses, while big data helps to combat climate change effects on pest management through the development of an online pest risk atlas for Africa. From Spain, we learn about the Rice Apple Snail, while in horticulture, Biobest tell us how best to use sticky traps. Lastly, but never least, there is news on a global push to stop Red Palm Weevil wiping out palms while Terry considers nutritional solutions for disease management in cocoa.

Excuse the tardiness and we look forward to being back on schedule next month with our next special feature on amenity and facilities management. Enjoy Spring.






David Loughlin, Editor International Pest Control Magazine
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Contents of International Pest Control March/April 2017
Vol 59, Number 2

International news in Brief

Association news

  • PestEx: The biggest gathering of pest management professionals in the UK – ever.
  • John Moverley of the Amenity Forum reacts to the trigger of Article 50.
  • FAOPMA President looks ahead.
  • European Parliament vote in favour of low-risk pesticides of biological origin.
  • First ever global pest awareness day – 6th June.
  • Barcelona Pest control innovation Forum 29-30 May 2017.
  • BPIA biological products trade association changes name.

Special Feature – Application Technology

  • Recent developments in application technology – Graham Matthews.
  • Electrostatic mist-blowers in the fight against mosquitoes.
  • Agrifac condor Endurance smashes two world spraying records in Australia in 1 day.
  • Award and a new home for IPARC.
  • Developments in application technology for soil fumigation – Philippe Sunder.
  • Key elements of a Who certified iRS hand operated compression sprayer – David Loughlin.

Focus on Public Health

  • Spotlight on rodenticide use is here to stay.
  • Still time to register for ICUP 2017.
  • Rentokil strengthen position in India.
  • Records fall at PestEx 2017 – Clive Boase.
  • How biological control agents could get invasive stinging wasps to buzz off – Carolien van Zyl.

Focus on Agriculture

  • Economic sustainability: less pesticide rarely causes loss.
  • Online pest risk atlas for Africa to combat climate change effects on pest management
  • The Rice Apple Snail in Spain: a review – Ravindra C. Joshi and Xavier Vélez Parera.

Focus on Horticulture & Amenity

  • Good practice in the use of coloured sticky traps in horticulture.
  • Maintaining safe, healthy and fit for purpose amenity spaces.

Focus on Forestry & Plantation

  • First global push to stop Red Palm Weevil wiping out palms.
  • Nutritional solutions for disease management in cocoa – Terry Mabbett

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Published in International Pest Control – March/April 2017 issue.

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