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International Pest Control – September/October 2017 – Vol 59, Nr.5

| September 22, 2017

Cover image: Beauveria bassiana is not just for crop protection. As part of the development process of a new biocontrol product for bedbugs called Aprehend, Giovani Bellicanta, postdoctoral scholar in Penn State’s Department of Entomology, examines one of several containers of bedbugs in the research team’s laboratory. Credit Patrick Mansell.

Nature is never more damaging than when it comes to extremes of weather. Certainly, this was the experience of residents in the Caribbean and the US, early this September, when Storm Irma, with her 185mph winds, flew through leaving destruction in her wake. Millions of homes have had electricity cut-off, areas were flooded, property destroyed and sadly lives lost. Meanwhile as I write this, Storm Aileen came through the UK at a more sedate 50mph last night and I lost a few apples off my tree and the rubbish bin fell over. Puts life in perspective.

Nature is also the enemy when it comes to pest management. We are all in the industry of applied biology looking for solutions for when biology goes bad and as Autumn is the season of conferences and events, there are plenty of opportunities to gather and discuss the latest science and research surrounding new products and techniques to solve pest problems.

This issue we focus our special feature on the fastest growing sector in the crop pest management industry, that of biocontrol and biological pest management or the art of using good biology to control bad biology.

We start by offering a preview of ABIM that takes place in October and report back from the Biopesticide Europe event that took place last June. We help Biobest celebrate 30 years; Certis educates us on the role of biorationals and Biofeed teach us how to control Fruit Flies without residues. With a nod to role biostimulants play in pest management we are pleased that Bioplant Naturverfahren shows us how strawberries can be naturally protected from mould. It’s not all about crop protection however and the team at ConidioTec are crossing boundaries by taking a biocontrol approach to the biggest public health pest, bedbugs.

We often hear of notable industry retirements from US and Europe so I am happy to offer some balance. In public health, we note the retirement of a long serving professional who improved pest control for 40 years in Dubia. We also preview Pest-Protect Germany which takes place next year. Futura also introduce us to how the IoT is improving pest control.

In agriculture, our Technical Consultant Martin helps our understanding of wheat blast that has invaded some regions in South America and also now jumped to the Asian continent. I also put finger to keyboard to write about LED lights, as a consequence of receiving recent correspondence that suggests LED can be used to manipulate insects attack on plants. It was an illuminating exchange.

Finally, we look at plantations pests from the extremes of our northern temperate region to consider successful strategies for Chestnut Blight and Red Palm Weevils.

I will be at various events this October, including ABIM in Basel, so if you are there and reading this, look me up. I am the tall one with glasses.

See you in November.`






David Loughlin, Editor International Pest Control Magazine
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Contents of International Pest Control September/October 2017
Vol 59, Number 5

International News in Brief…read more

Association News

  • UK Agriculture minister to open BCPC congress.
  • Focusing on the role of biological products in sustainability.
  • Formation of the Confederation of EuroAsian Pest Management Associations (CEAPMA).
  • Biocontrol features at Amenity Forum – Keeping Britain Moving.
  • ANECPLA wins the Gold Star for the Professional Excellence in Spain.

Special Feature – Biocontrol

  • The biocontrol business world meets at ABIM Basel.
  • Could biocontrols be the solution to combat age-old bedbug problem..
  • Biobest invented the buzziness.
  • Efficient Fruit Fly pest control using Gravity controlled Fluid Release (GCFR) technology with zero chemical sprays – Michal Sarfati, Tamar Goshen and Nimrod Israely.
  • Successful biorational control in outdoor crops – Jan Mostert.
  • What plant strengtheners can do for strawberries – an alternative perspective – Rolf Würthle and Maria Borlinghaus.
  • Biopesticides industry meets in Madrid – David Loughlin.

Focus on Public Health

  • Block your diaries for Pest-Protect 2018 in Bremen – Andy Beckmann.
  • Australian conference expands to meet industry needs.
  • The irresistible fragrance of dying vinegar flies.
  • Founder of pest control in The Emirates steps down after 40 years.
  • Presenting the new eMitter cloud based pest control solution – Daniel Schroeer.
  • New funding for Pelsis to support ongoing organic growth strategy.

Focus on Agriculture

  • Wheat blast – a moving target – Martin Redbond.

Focus on Horticulture & Amenity

  • LED lights – do they attract or repel insects? – David Loughlin

Focus on Forestry & Plantations

  • Defining a programme and strategy for the management and containment of Red Palm Weevil – Mona Chaya.
  • Chestnut blight causes movement prohibition in south west England – Terry Mabbett.

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Published in International Pest Control – September/October 2017 issue.


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