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International Pest Control – September/October 2018 – Vol 60, Nr.5

| November 23, 2018

Cover Image: More on termites in this issue with the first part of a history of termite control and a look at the development of trapping techniques.
Picture by David Mora.

The theme of this issue is integrated pest management (IPM), a term that seems to have been around for many years but which, in practice, seemed to struggle to escape from the glasshouse.
IPM was never about abandoning agrochemicals, more about using them when needed as part of a wider control strategy and with the number of agrochemicals available to use seeming to shrink by the day it is good to be able to report that BASF has brought two new herbicides to market as well as a new fungicide developed in partnership with Sumitomo.

Bananas worldwide are under threat from a disease to which the one major commercial species we grow worldwide has no resistance, but at least the industry is now taking the threat seriously.

There is the monthly crop of job moves, promotions and company acquisitions with one of the biggest being the sale of the Mitie Pest Control group to Rentokil.

In our look back at the last 60 years our Technical Consultant Graham Matthews treats us to a history of IPM while Partho Dhang continues the theme of our last issue with a look at the history of termite management.

In the special feature section, we look at baculoviruses, biorationals and western flower thrips with the help of experts from Andermatt Biocontrol AG, Certis and Russell IPM. It is clear that, in the right environment, these products can achieve very high levels of control comparable with the agrochemical actives.

Malaria is not the only tropical disease and Fabio Castello has written an excellent review of the vectors of yellow and wild yellow fever. And we also have a report from Rob Fryatt on the growth of the WIN group who have recently completed their second conference and are now looking to broaden their membership base.

Invasive species continue to occupy time and money as today’s generation of farmers regret the action of their predecessors who introduced these species and allowed them to “run riot”. In this issue we look at the control of common pest pear in Yemen’s Socotra Archipelago.

In the world of horticulture the remote and competitive growing of cucumbers by artificial intelligence (AI) under the guidance of expert human teams caught our eye. The aim is to improve the AI to the point that it can outperform the human hand… another sector where a labour shortage has led to the advance of the technology.

Coffee rust around the world is a concern for our Technical Consultant Terry Mabbett and in this article he documents its spread, its recent upsurge in Latin America and he provides guidance on the best control techniques. Terry also concludes his look at the threat of Xylella to the UK and the issues around blanket spraying of infected areas to control any appearance of the disease.

Finally, Graham Matthews winds up with a review of Pesticides and Agriculture a book which provides an interesting insight to the way the industry has grown and adapted to the changes in legislation and regulatory requirements; possibly not one for your Christmas list unless you take work to bed!
In our next issue we will be attempting to gaze into the future of International Pest Control and while our crystal ball may not be able to stretch out over 60 years we hope to be able to make some informed guesses at what the next 20 years may hold for pest control worldwide. If you think you have any ideas about how things are going to change do send us an email with your thoughts.

Chris Endacott, Editor International Pest Control magazine
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Contents of International Pest Control September/October 2018
Volume 60, Number 5.


  • International pest control news…read more


  • Promotions at NPMA.
  • Indian PCA mosquito awareness event.
  • New NPTA technical manager.


  • Integrated Pest Management – a history – Graham Mattews.
  • Developments in termite management – Part 1 – Doug Howick and Ion Staunton.
  • The evolution of baiting in pest control – Partho Dhang.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Intergrated Pest Management

  • How baculoviruses became a crucial tool in IPM – Gisela Brand.
  • Biorationals showing excellent results – Lianne van Wijk.
  • IPM of western flower thrips, why and how ? – Dr Clare Sampson.


  • WIN – The Worldwide Insecticide Resistance Network – Rob Fryatt.
  • Mosquitoes as vectors of yellow and wild yellow fever – Fabio Castelo.


  • Control of common pest pear Opuntia stricta in Yemen – Wayne Coles.


  • Can artificial intelligence outperform farmers? – Silke Hemming.


  • Rash and wrong assumptions about OPM control – Dr Terry Mabbett.
  • Rust disease now worldwide and corroding coffee yields – Dr Terry Mabbett.
  • Xylella fastidiosa vector control conundrum – Dr Terry Mabbett.


  • Upcoming pest control events

Published in International Pest Control – September/October 2018 issue.


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