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International Pest Control – March/April 2019 – Vol 61, Nr.2

| April 10, 2019

Cover image: NEWPHARM® is the focus of our company profile this issue.

We don’t get many articles on animal health so it’s good to start this issue with news of an infectious diseases surveillance program in sub-Saharan Africa which aims to build a database of animal parasites covering six countries.

Tea plantations are the subject of a project to spread sustainable pest control without the need for conventional pesticides; more evidence if we need it of the continued move towards IPM. Marigolds planted for the control of whitefly get a recommendation from researchers at Newcastle University. But there is still a market for new active ingredients and BASF are bringing a new isopropanol-azole fungicide to the European market.

The rise and rise of the Smartphone App continues; researchers at the University of Lincoln are working on a tool to help field workers identify the stages of locusts more accurately. And while you’ve got that Smartphone to hand you could get in touch with the International Space Station for advice on which areas of your patch are under drought stress.

NEWPHARM® is the focus of our company profile this issue. A company that has grown organically since 2000 and is being handed over to the next generation of the family.

Our special feature this issue is vector control and biting invertebrates. Prof Graham Matthews explains the need to move out of the home and start controlling the vectors in the field. Drs Malla Reddy and Mohan Roa take us deep into the world of bedbugs at a time when they are making a resurgence in some parts of the world.

Dengue fever is becoming a bigger problem worldwide with groups campaigning for a World Dengue Day to bring attention to this disease. We carry an interview with Dr Mardiati Nadjib where she explains the scale of the problem in Indonesia and Asia Pacific.

The fogging machine is still an important tool in the control of vectors but using it with oil based formulations is falling out of favour. Bernd Dietrich from Swingtec explains the difficulties of using water-based fogs.

In public health we consider the humble fly and the impact it can have when it lands on your food. In the USA 600 people a year die from acute salmonellosis, just one of the common pathogens known to be carried by flies. Arthur Dales from Brandenburg may have some solutions!

An article from Fábio Castelo explains the limitation of vaccination in the control of yellow fever at a time when the disease is on the increase in South America. Even if you vaccinate everyone who can be vaccinated (and there a lot of exceptions) you still need to control the vectors and if possible, avoid them.

Our Technical Consultant Dr Terry Mabbett keeps the pressure on Xylella as he examines its arrival in Portugal while past editor David Loughlin completes his report on the biocontrol industry meeting in Basel last October.

Terry also investigates the control of Phytophthora canker in cocoa, and finishes off his contributions to this issue with a look at Phytophthora in Sitka spruce. There are times when I find myself wondering if we will have any tree species standing by the end of the century. How did they survive this long?

And talking about surviving I have now been editor for a whole year and I’m still in the job! But I won’t be for much longer if we don’t have good scientific articles to publish. The next issue is all about Invasive Pests so if you are trying to stem the tide of an invasive pest or trying to roll back an invasion, we’d like to hear from you and learn about your work.

Chris Endacott, Editor International Pest Control magazine
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Contents International Pest Control March/April 2019
Volume 61, Number 2.


  • New sub-Saharan infectious disease surveillance program…read more.
  • More sustainable tea production in India…read more.
  • The first isopropanol-azole is introduced to the market…read more.
  • First ever plantain resistant to banana streak virus…read more.
  • Natural weapon used by marigolds…read more.
  • Hands on course on arthropods…read more.
  • DNA scan crop failure solution is a UK first…read more.
  • Smartphone app is the farmer’s newest weapon in crop protection…read more.
  • Company News
    • Distribution and sales agreement for PROBLAD®…read more.
    • Pest Trader integrates the Sentomol range…read more.
    • Change of ownership at Frowein…read more.
    • Bayer increases sales and earnings…read more
    • New products for the Italian market…read more.
    • Acquisition of BKS by IVOG…read more
    • Mylva and Econtrol come together…read more.
    • Tri-Flo announces distribution agreement with ENSYSTEX…read more.
    • STK & Sipcam announce exclusive distribution agreement…read more.
    • ACCERES expands in Italy through field testing firm Promo-Vert…read more.
  • And finally… Advice from the Space Station…read more.


  • SPMA Urban Pest Management Forum.
  • IBMA lodges a complaint.
  • Centre of Pest Control and Pest Management established in the Ukraine.
  • Copa and Cogeca and IBMA host a high level symposium.

Company Profile

  • NEWPHARM®: Novel integrated pest management solutions…read more.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Vector Control & Biting Invertebrates

  • Eliminating malaria – controlling the vector – G A Matthews.
  • ULV (Ultra Low Volume) application of water-based fogs – Bernd L. Dietrich.
  • The economic burden of dengue in Indonesia – Dr Mardiati Nadjib and Marianne Comparet.
  • Global bedbug scenario: their resurgence and management – Dr K Malla Reddy and Dr Mohan Rao.


  • A fly lands on your food…. – Arthur Dales.
  • Yellow fever – vaccination does not rule out prevention – Fábio Castelo Branco Fontes Paes Njaime, PhD


  • Damsigt opts for residue-free solutions – Lise Verachtert.


  • Xylella fastidiosa docks in Portugal – Dr Terry Mabbett.
  • Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting, October 2018, Part 2 – David Loughlin.


  • Stemming Phytophthora canker in cocoa – Dr Terry Mabbett.
  • Phytophthora ramorum stalks Sitka spruce – Dr Terry Mabbett.


  • The UK Pesticide Guide 2019 – reviewed by Graham Matthews.
  • Critical issues in plant health: 50 years of research in african agriculture – reviewed by Graham Matthews.
  • Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs – reviewed by Clive Boase..


  • Upcoming pest control events

Published in International Pest Control – March/April 2019 issue.


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