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International Pest Control – July/August 2016 – Vol 58, Nr.4

| August 10, 2016

Cover image: Building a better mosquito trap. Ethan Jackson, a Microsoft researcher who is leading Project Premonition research project, designed to automatically do things entomologists previously had to do manually.
Photo credit Brian Smale.

Can 2016 become any more unpredictable or unsafe? It’s great when an event such as Wales qualifying for the semi-finals of the Euro2016 tournament can bring a smile to some peoples’ faces and less good when others manipulate situations for some cause or their own gain, contributing to suffering and loss of life. Recent events convince me that Homo sapiens is the biggest pest on the planet.

In Europe we were brought to an abrupt halt on 24th June when the UK announced with 4% difference in votes, that it had decided to leave the EU. We are still not sure what it means but we ask the leading pest management associations for their views.

Our special feature this month is resistance. Perhaps a phenomenon after 60 years plus of intense pesticide use, it is becoming a greater reason for products not working. Or is it an excuse to cover poor application and misunderstanding? With contributions from Clive, Graham, Clair Keene and Pelgar, we consider how resistance is having an impact on both crops and public health pests.

Glyphosate is never out of the news of late, not just in Europe but around the world. Its position as the go to broad spectrum contact herbicide of choice is under threat and a whole generation of plant breeding is perilously poised. Martin reviews how we reached this position. We also hear how one UK authority is considering a non-chemical alternative to glyphosate as part of its amenity programme.

I jogged along the beach in Rio once. Despite showering, due to the humidity, I was still dripping with sweat several hours later, so how they will manage to hold the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is beyond me. Transmittable diseases, notably ZIKA which has already caused controversial participant withdrawals in some sports, is of great concern. We look at how one company is addressing the issue of mosquito control in Brazil and how Microsoft is working to bring about a better mosquito trap.

Moving from six to four legs we consider two relatively new technologies; one traditional, the rodenticide difethialone and one an innovative rat trap concept, that claims to uniquely target rodent species using camera recognition.

Elsewhere, Partho explains the background to insect control through baiting and why this innovation helps reduce the insecticide load in urban pest control. Graham takes a look at how to measure spray droplet size in the field and with grass cutting almost a twice weekly activity in the UK this summer, Terry assesses the role of the fungal pathogen Microdochium nivale, considered the most widespread and damaging disease of managed turf in the cool temperate world.






David Loughlin, Editor International Pest Control Magazine
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Contents of International Pest Control July/August 2016
Volume 58, Number 4

International News in Brief

Association News

  • What does Brexit mean for the pest management industry?
  • Much ado about glyphosate.
  • Implementation plan on acceleration of sustainable plant protection.
  • BPCA claims national award.
  • New leader plans to deliver bright future for professional register.

Special Feature – Resistance

  • Using the ‘R’ word – Clive Boase.
  • Six of one, half dozen of the other: the future of weed management? – Clair Keene.
  • Pragmatic decisions regarding insecticide resistance – Graham Matthews.
  • What is resistance (and why does it matter?) – Nic Blaszkowicz.

Focus on Public Health

  • Fogging water-based fogging mixtures with thermal foggers.
  • Comparing Blacklight and Blacklight Blue Bulbs.
  • Hassle-Free rodent control for professional pest control – Jelle Appelman.
  • Pest control industry meets at 13th Jornadas Tecnicas in Argentina.
  • Innovations in insect baiting and its role in reducing insecticide load in urban pest control – Partho Dhang.
  • Building a better mosquito trap – Allison Linn.
  • Controlling mosquitoes in Brazil – Fabio (Castle) Castelo.
  • Difethialone: an efficient rodenticide active substance – Dr Romain Lasseur.
  • Designing a better rat trap.
  • US government attempts to combat Zika virus.
  • Label changes to all rodenticides.

Focus on Agriculture

  • Glyphosate given a limited EU go-ahead – Martin Redbond.
  • Removal of crop protection products threatens food supplies and the economy.
  • Taking droplet size measurements to the field – Graham Matthews

Focus on Horticulture

  • Fungicides for Microdochium nivale management in turf – Terry Mabbett.
  • UK council trials alternative weed control.

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