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International Pest Control – July/August 2018 – Vol 60, Nr.4

| October 20, 2018

Cover Image: Dr Peter McEwen, CEO, i2LResearch, prepares himself for the ‘arm in the age’ mosquito repellent testing the company offers.
Photo taken by Lowis Llewelyn.

With the FAOPMA Pest Summit in September and NPMA PestWorld in October it was inevitable that this issue is focused on pest control. On a recent holiday to the Western Isles of Scotland I was struck by the large populations of ground nesting birds on the rodent-free and unpopulated (with humans) smaller islands we visited. Most of the time pest control is a battle to protect humans from disease and our property from damage and decay, but it is worth remembering that the pest control technology we have documented in this issue can also be deployed to protect the environment.

In the news this issue is Bayer’s battle with the EU over the ban on neonicotinoids, the efforts of the UK water industry as well as the product suppliers to keep metaldehyde out of the water supply, biodegradable insect deterrents, company growth in Portugal, an innovation award and yet more company mergers and collaborations.

We report on recent association conferences as well as World Pest Day and profile i2LResearch. In celebrating our 60 years of publication we look at the development of rodenticides from Ancient Egypt to the present day as well as a company that is celebrating 80 years in the pest control business.

Innovative rodent traps which spray treat the rodents seem like a great tool to use in areas prone to flooding. A rodent identification guide is our centre page spread and should ensure everyone can spot the good and the bad! Electronic monitoring of mice in the food industry suggests that more traditional methods may underestimate populations because of behavioural resistance.

You can only be impressed by the resilience and adaptability of the insect pest and in particular the cockroach. Their ability to squeeze through the smallest of gaps at speed is brilliantly illustrated by research that shows they can reduce their posture height from 12mm to 4mm and still travel fast – the equivalent of one of us sprinting along a corridor 600mm high! Cockroaches also figure in a study of glucose aversion and in a look at cockroach control in Abu Dhabi’s sewage inspection chambers.

Drones are becoming ubiquitous, whether they are being used for parcel delivery, wedding photography or natural world camera-work, they are also increasingly sophisticated and ever simpler to control. As Graham Matthews suggests it can only be a matter of time before they are more widely used on the farm for pest control.

Downy mildew is a problem on African roses and Terry Mabbett considers the best control strategies. He also considers the impact of the inevitable arrival of  Xylella   in the UK.

Finally, I should say a little about myself having parachuted in to edit the last issue! After studying Applied Biology at Salford University, I went on to complete the MSc in Applied Entomology at Imperial College (Silwood Park) and then a PhD at Imperial College IPARC looking at electrostatic spraying systems. Work involved periods of time with Ciba-Geigy and ICI Plant Protection before becoming a Technical Writer and finally Deputy Editor of “Crops” magazine. This was followed by a move into environmental consultancy and, more recently, I have been involved in working on reducing air pollution and carbon emissions from transport, so I have been resurrecting my editorial skills and will be relying on my technical advisory team to bring me up to date with the world of pest control.

I hope you enjoy this issue. In the next issue we will be focussing on Integrated Pest Management and there may still be time for us to include contributions on this critical subject.

Chris Endacott, Editor International Pest Control magazine
Email Chris on

Contents of International Pest Control July/August 2018
Volume 60, Number 4.


  • International pest control news…read more


  • CEPA and NEMA Global Summit – Roland Higgins.
  • Pestworld 2018.
  • Third Global Summit and World Pest Day 2018 – Dominique M. Stumpf, CEO, NPMA.
  • Roland Higgns retires.

Company Profile…read more

  • i2LResearch – Contract Research Group


  • 80 years of technology & training – Toby Srebnik.
  • Development of rodenticides – Dr.D.Bajomi, J.Szilágyi, Dr.I.Vashegyi and J.Schmidt.


  • Pest control and conservation – Alex Wade.
  • Pest control innovation in the rodent sector – Steve Goode.
  • Controlling house mice in the food industry – J Simmons and C Swindells.


  • Cockroaches, the masters of the small gap – Andreas Beckmann.
  • Glucose aversion in the Canary Islands – A Saiz and A Mateo.
  • Controlling American cockroaches in Abu Dhabi – R Sonneck and M M Al Marzouqi.


  • Drones could reduce compaction and contamination – Graham Matthews.


  • Managing downy mildew on African roses – Dr T. Mabbett.


  • What happens when Xylell arrives in the UK. – Terry Mabbett.


  • Upcoming pest control events

Published in International Pest Control – July/August 2018 issue.


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