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Hassle-Free rodent control for professional pest control

| August 24, 2016

The pest control industry is undergoing one of its biggest legislative changes in decades, and product choice looks like being more important than ever. In the UK, for example, legislation is being phased in which will effectively mean that only professional pest controllers who hold an approved CRRU training certificate can purchase or use products that contain rodenticides. In addition to this requirement for pest technicians to demonstrate ‘proof of competence’, the proposed new stewardship regime signifies a big change for many product suppliers whose formulations and labelling could be dramatically affected.

By sealing access areas such as cracks, joints, seams and holes, no rodent or pest will gain access.

By sealing access areas such as cracks, joints, seams and holes, no rodent or pest will gain access.

However, one successful rodent management product unaffected by changes in the UK and already established as a key tool in many European pest technicians’ armoury is MouseStop, an animal friendly pest control paste developed in 1990. Successful established in the market for over 25 years, the product offers a highly effective proofing solution that is completely free from any biocides or pesticides. Its popularity can be attributed to a number of factors. Firstly, it is a proven pest control solution that is both animal-friendly and easy to install. Supplied in 300ml cartridges, the product effectively seals seams, cracks, joints and holes to prevent rodents and other small pests from entering a building. Once installed, the ‘paste’ develops a hard outer layer that is instantly waterproof, but it also has a soft, sticky inner core that blocks vermin if they try to gnaw at it. The formulation is compatible with many surfaces and because it can be applied using a standard mastic caulking gun , it is ideal for areas which are typically hard to reach. What is more, the performance is unaffected by extremes of temperature and the product can even be overpainted to match adjacent areas once the outer skin has hardened.

Gaps should be filled with a layer of paste at least 10mm deep.

Gaps should be filled with a layer of paste at least 10mm deep.

The versatility and flexibility of the paste makes it ideal for use in a wide range of locations. It can be effectively incorporated into both new and existing buildings and provides long-lasting protection in even the most demanding environments.

In addition to the standard product, there is also a new premium version that is reinforced with a mix of metal fibres. This helps provide an even more secure, impervious structure with the added benefit of making the product metal detectable. As a result, the enhanced product is particularly well suited to hygiene sensitive areas, such as food manufacturing and preparation facilities, where there is a requirement for all products used within the building, to be detectable. In this case, if a rodent were to gnaw a piece of the metal fibre reinforced product and subsequently enter the production process, the foreign object can be easily detected and rejected by metal detectors, avoiding any costly contamination.

The paste also blends in perfectly where an integrated pest management strategy (IPM) is being adopted. In particular, the premium’s environmentally-friendly formulation contains natural herbs that provide a ‘cleaner’ chemical-free odour. This makes it an attractive option for indoor use, specifically because rodents have been shown to actively avoid alternative ‘baiting’ systems where certain chemicals or odours are present. As a result, MouseStop is an extremely effective proofing option that enables the user to humanely manage the problem of pests without having to resort to the use of chemicals.

Effective rodent control, in and around our buildings, continues to be critically important. However, the new UK legislation on rodenticides could be seen as somewhat of a game changer, as it now adds extra responsibility and potential costs onto the shoulders of the pest technician. When you add the fact that more and more building owners are demanding solutions that effectively manage pest problems in a safe, chemical-free way, the MouseStop product range has never been more attractive to today’s pest control professionals.

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Published in International Pest Control – July/August 2016 issue

Author: Jelle Appelman


Category: Public health

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