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Food Safety Standards positive contribution to Pest Management activities.

| September 10, 2019

Dr Guglielmo Pampiglione, Dr Chiara Piombo, Dr Marco Caimi – InPest Lab, Italy.

Abstract: Food Safety Standards like ISO 22000: 2018, BRC, IFS, are providing a general improvement of the quality of Pest Management services introducing a new concept of collaboration between Pest Management operators and client companies in recent years. This process of improvement is slowly going on, but surely the implementation of the UNI EN 16636:2015 Standard (Pest Management – Requirements and skills), a specific certification for Pest Control Companies (PCC), has helped to speed it up.

As a service and technical support company we are facing many examples of recent improvement of Pest Management services due to the new legislation. Firstly a better communication between Food Industry and PCC is developing, at least to work out together the non-conformities that auditors report about Pest Control activities during their inspection visits. Moreover there is an increasing demand for already certified PPC that hire higher profile operators. There is also a higher necessity of a better knowledge of pests biology, as well as the toxicological and environmental aspects of biocides. This overall approach lets the PPC develop lower environmental impact techniques, reducing chemical intervention and providing a better waste management. These techniques need a higher frequency of intervention and monitoring, giving a greater income to PCC, and also guarantee results suitable for different production sites.

This improvement process is not always easy and needs to involve actively and positively all the parts.

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