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Developing a Chlorfluazuron Based Insecticides Bait for Multiple Termite Species

| September 15, 2015

Dr Partho Dhang

Abstract: The pressure for better environmental stewardship is forcing the chemical industry to look for safer formulations and much safer application techniques. Insecticidal baits are unique formulations which have combined information from insect sensory physiology, gustatory chemistry, semiochemicals and many more. Baits are target specific and allow easy application, thus being recognized as a safer alternative to liquid sprays. This article presents a chlorfluazuron based termite bait and a baiting system which addressed a number of behavioral aspects of termite feeding behavior such as palatability of bait, moisture control, choice of the active ingredient, large food source and no disturbance while bait supplementing. This eventually resulted in a wider acceptance of the bait to a number of termite species across Asia Pacific.

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