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Company Profile…PelGar International – making an impact in global pest control

| December 8, 2015

PelGar_220x90pxGIFIPCPelGar International is the lead-ing British manufacturer of highly effective rodenticide and insecticide products for the control of public health and agricultural pests. It develops and supplies innovative and novel products to the global public health pesticide market. With an active and dynamic R&D programme, which draws on a wide range of market intelligence and technical feedback, PelGar aims to provide solutions to any global pest problem.


Incorporated in 1995, PelGar has invested heavily in regulatory support and has complete dossiers on the three rodenticide actives difenacoum, bromadiolone and brodifacoum, with a wide range of registered formulations. A core range of insecticides based on synthetic pyrethroids and insect growth regulators has been further enhanced with the acquisition of Agropharm Ltd. in May 2015.

PelGar is operated from its UK headquarters in Hampshire and through local offices in mainland Europe, Australia and North America. The recent acquisition of Agropharm has added a second UK manufacturing facility to PelGar’s portfolio, specialising in the manufacture and packaging of insecticides. Its analytical and formulation laboratory ensures the highest product quality from both UK manufacturing sites, while PelGar’s research centre provides the technical team with valuable insights into the behaviour and biology of the rodents and insects being targeted.

PelGar provides products and expertise in over 60 countries worldwide, supporting customers who are directly involved in controlling nuisance pests, national campaigns against the vectors of disease and local and national Conservation in Partnership (CiP) projects. PelGar’s global network of experienced staff and in-country resources guarantee an exceptional level of service while seeking out the next strategic partnership to further develop the business.


PelGar’s core business has, until recently, focussed predominantly on the rodenticide sector, manufacturing and supplying rodenticide concentrates and finished baits across the globe, with its well-known brands Roban, Rodex, Vertox and Brigand. Insecticides have also been an important part of PelGar’s product offering with brands such as Cytrol and Cimetrol, which control a host of insect pests in many countries. The acquisition of Agropharm has significantly broadened this range of products.

“The Agropharm acquisition provides an excellent synergy with the PelGar product range and customer base. In particular, Agropharm’s natural pyrethrum range will help to boost our market share in the international pest control and agricultural sectors,” comments Dr Gareth Capel-Williams, PelGar’s Managing Director.“Both companies have extensive international businesses with very limited overlap of territory and distribution. The Agropharm products will expand PelGar’s portfolio in the home and garden and crop protection markets, as well as allowing PelGar to introduce its innovative range of highly effective rodenticides and insecticides to Agropharm’s existing customers.”

Product Development

PelGar’s rodenticides, available with three active ingredientss and in eight different formulations.

PelGar’s rodenticides, available with three active ingredientss and in eight different formulations.

PelGar believes that while the active ingredients used in the rodenticide industry may be common, the target pests and the environment in which they live are very different. Providing cost effective control therefore means that the active substances need to be available in a wide range of high quality formulations. “We spend considerable time studying the biology and behaviour of the target pests in order to develop the most effective products for optimal control,” comments Alex Wade, PelGar’s Technical Manager.‘Before our products are brought to market they undergo extensive field and laboratory trials, both in the UK and the destination country, to ensure palatability and efficacy. We then go that extra mile to try and educate the end user to ensure the best results are achieved in application; this can range from writing pictorial guides for household users in Africa, to running practical training sessions for farming groups in Latin America.

PelGar has produced a pictorial guide about rodenticide use for French speaking Africa

PelGar has produced a pictorial guide about rodenticide use for French speaking Africa

When it comes to insecticides, innovative formulation technology, coupled with advanced packaging help to maximise product efficacy against the target pest, whilst minimising any potential risk to the user, non-target species, and the environment. PelGar’s insecticides range from the cost effective 40% cypermethrin wettable powders to advanced multi-active ingredient microencapsulated formulations which can also incorporate an insect growth regulator (IGR). Products such as PelGar’s natural pyrethrum concentrates are number one in organic farming, offering rapid and effective control of insect pests with just a 24 hour withdrawal period, meaning crops can be harvested and sent to market, pest free the following day. A range of permethrin smoke generators add to the range, with unique non-sparking packs for household use, and jumbo packs for the professional user which can clear 1000-4000m³ voids of a host of pests.

Company Integration

While a lot of work is happening behind the scenes to integrate the two companies and product ranges, the first stage of combining the UK sales team has been seamless. Tim Bridge, UK Sales Manager, heads up the team with four experienced Area Managers and a Key Account Manager. “We have a fantastic, enthusiastic team with a wealth of knowledge and experience to support our growing UK customer base,” comments Tim.

PelGar’s UK Sales team from left to right: Craig Turner, David Gill, Tim Bridge, Nick Ulyatt, Andrew Knowles & Jen Smithson

PelGar’s UK Sales team from left to right: Craig Turner, David Gill, Tim Bridge, Nick Ulyatt, Andrew Knowles & Jen Smithson

New websites and catalogues are currently in development to integrate product information and useful resources, with a planned launch in January 2016. Until then the full range of products can be viewed at and

The Future

Over the last 15 years PelGar has made huge investment in active ingredient and product dossiers to secure the sales of products into the future. The last five years have seen significant investment in manufacturing equipment and people to meet the rising demand across the globe for PelGar’s products, and while this will continue as the business grows PelGar will also be concentrating its effort on the development of new and innovative products. “Tolerance and resistance are common words to be heard in this industry,” explains Dr Capel-Williams. “As pests evolve it is vital that we respond and develop new products. We as a company need to stay one step ahead and provide the products that offer the control demanded by our customers who are looking for a pest-free environment.”

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