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Company Profile…Curtis Gilmour a leading global pest control products manufacturer

| August 26, 2017

Cutis-GilmourWith over 200 years of combined experience in the pest management industry, few are likely to have heard of Curtis Gilmour. Consider the names of their group companies however, which includes B&G Equipment Company (Georgia USA), Curtis Dyna-Fog (Indianapolis, USA), Agrisense Industrial Monitoring Ltd (Wales, UK) and Silvandersson Sweden AB (Knared, Sweden) then the depth and breadth of the organisation becomes very apparent. The name originates from Curtis in Curtis Dyna-Fog and the G of B&G, from George Gilmour and since 2013, the company has steadily formed a portfolio of world leading manufacturing expertise. Today the combined subsidiaries make Curtis Gilmour, a leading global manufacturer of speciality insect and rodent control equipment and disposables and a key supplier to consumer and professional customers alike.

Professional Products of Choice

In any pest situation, professional pest controllers need two essential elements: a means to detect and identify the pest and a means to reliably and effectively treat them. Detection requires an ability to attract pests and a system of retaining and capturing them. In combining insect attractants with speciality adhesives, Agrisense and Silvandersson have an extensive product line of insect monitoring and trapping devices.

Semiochemicals are ‘message carrying’ chemicals that are used in nature for communication between living organisms. Pheromones are the best-known group of semiochemicals and operate between individuals of the same species, bringing them together for mating, feeding, swarming, etc. Whether for use in speciality environments such as food processing plants or museums, or in sensitive situations such as in residential or hospitality facilities, with the Curtis Gilmour catalogue in hand, profession- als can choose from a range of effective and specifically designed monitoring and trapping solutions, whether tailor- made glue boars for EFK machine or sensitive traps for bedbug detection.

When it comes to eliminating pests, professionals also depend on having reliable and effective application equip- ment at their disposal that can perform in all situations and take demands that daily use requires. From space spray application, whether that be indoor for insect management in poultry, mushroom, glasshouse or factory shed, or outdoor for fly or mosquito control. The combined range of B&G and Curtis Dyna-Fog covers all droplet size spectra to effectively target any insect pest target.

Specialists in consumer and retail supplies

Curtis Gilmour also has extensive expe- rience in producing retail or private label products for multi-national customers worldwide. Both Agrisense, from its base in South Wales and Silvandersson, located in Knared, Sweden are long established suppliers of insect trapping solutions to the home and garden markets.

Silvandersson Sweden AB, started in 1982 as a family-owned company first run by Mr. Åke Silvandersson before passing to his two sons, Kenneth and Kjell. The family sold the company to Venteco Plc in 2006, who had also acquired the Cyronite technology. (Cryonite has been spun out in the USA as a separate company and is not part of the acquisition by Curtis Gilmour, although Silvandersson retain some distribution rights). Ownership passed to Swedish facilities management company, Skandrenting in 2012 before joining Curtis Gilmour in 2016. During this period of transition, the Silvandersson family members have continued to play an important role in the company and this has helped maintain a loyal and supportive client base.

The company objective has always been to supply the pest control and consumer markets, with high-quality, effective and most importantly non-toxic insect management products. From day one, they set out to offer an alternative to, or to simplify and help reduce the use of chemicals to manage insect pests.

Consumers are increasingly aware of food quality production methods. The demand for food produced in an ecologically correct way is increasing, and consumer organizations throughout the world are very concerned about the residues of insecticides in foodstuffs, and subsequently informing consumers of the results. Consumers are therefore, increasingly using alternative products for the control of flies, insects and roaches.

The pest control industry is also undergoing major changes, driven by an increased and broadened awareness of the impact of products used for pest treatments. Regulators have taken action against some well-established products, such as in the EU directive effective from 2014, which prohibits the usage of toxic chemicals if there are other, more environmentally friendly, alternatives available.

Silvandersson is convinced that more and more markets will begin favouring toxic-free solutions and for that reason the company continues to develop innovative products that meet these market demands.

Agrisense and Silvandersson have developed expertise in specific technology areas including insect pheromones, controlled release technology, insect glues and trap design.

Wales-based Agrisense was established in 1984, as Biological Control Systems Ltd, by University College Cardiff and Leiner Gelatins Ltd. It has seen a variety of owners in its 33-year history. Expanding rapidly, in 1988, BCS was acquired by the newly formed joint venture between Phillips Petroleum and Dow Corning in the US, and the UK division, Agrisense-BCS Ltd. was formed. Combining the partners’ strengths in pheromone and controlled release technology, resulted in several innovations in pheromone delivery appearing in the following years. It became a subsidiary company of Biosys, in 1993 and then Thermo Trilogy Corp., in 1997, both US companies. Ownership moved to Japan (Mitsui group, 2001) and then back to USA (Suterra, 1996) before joining Curtis Gilmour in 2016.

The company sits among the industrial valleys of South Wales, that once echoed to the sound of coal mines and steel foundries. Today it is a region of spectacular scenery, castles and good hospitality. Agrisense has been a major developer and manufacturer of insect pest monitoring and control products based on pheromones and other attractants for many pest markets. The company has developed expertise in specific technology areas including insect behaviour modifying chemicals, controlled release technology for volatile compounds, insect glue technology and trap design. Agrisense has developed ways of using these naturally occurring chemicals to gain more accurate knowledge of pest populations. 90% of Agrisense products are exported to all 5 continents for which the company has received the prestigious “Queen’s Award for Exports” twice.

Reliable Application

Curtis Dyna-Fog

The Dyna-Jet L-30 is an entirely electric powered ULV generator that produces the industry’s most consistently sized spray droplets not achievable by conventional nozzles.

There is a wide array of products available to pest management professionals, to effectively control any pest. Applicators and professional operators must consider what is the best application method, to ensure the active ingredient of choice is carried or deposited to where it can have maximum effect. Sprays and sprayers have evolved considerably over the years and the correct choice of application equipment is vital to maximise product performance. Curtis Gilmour offers both space and residual spray application equipment to meet any requirement.

Curtis Dyna-Fog specialises in space spray equipment that deploys both cold and hot aerosol or fog while B&G has traditionally been the brand of choice for residual spraying equipment. The equipment can be adopted for wide range of applications. It is not just ideal for mosquito, other flying and crawling insect control, but also bird repellent fogging, smoke and odour abatement, heavy commercial fogging, stored crops, military and police force training, special effects and more.

Founded in 1947 in Dayton, Ohio by Russell R. Curtis and his father W.H. Curtis, and under the original name Curtis Automotive Devices, the company specialized in manufacturing valves for the automotive and aircraft industry.

In 1952 the company moved to Bedford, Indiana to be closer in proximity to its major customers. The company began doing some development work, using acquired Pulse-Jet Engine technology that had commercial potential.

One of the first pulse-jet products they produced was the Dyna-Jet “Red Head” miniature engine for use in model rocketry.

Light Traps

Did you know that Dyna-Fog is one of the world’s largest producers of Light Traps for monitoring mosquito activity?

After years of refining existing designs, by 1954 the first commercially available pulse-jet mosquito fogger (The Curtis Junior Model) was being produced. By 1956, more than 4000 machines were being produced each year. As a result of increasing demand for the machines, Russell Curtis moved the company in 1958 into a newly constructed 20,000 square foot facility in Westfield, Indiana, which remains the current site for manufacturing and the R&D Facility.

Reliability and longevity in use are trademark qualities of the Curtis Dyna-Fog company. The Golden Eagle fogger, now available in an Electric Start version has served customers successfully since the 1970’s. It easily, effectively and economically dispenses oil based insecticides, fungicides, germicides, disinfectants, odour control and other chemical products. It is positioned for those hard- to-reach areas indoors or outdoors, and for the little as well as the large jobs such as mosquito control to combat malaria and dengue fever.

B&G Equipment Company
In the late 1940’s, as students in the first pest control course held at Purdue University, Bill Brehm and George Gilmour got together to design and construct a Compressed Air Sprayer for their senior project. With a background in pest control, upon graduating, they saw the potential for their invention within the professional pest control market and opened their first manuacturing facility in Plumstead Ville, Pennsylvania. That year they manufac- tured and sold six. Today B&G occupies a state of the art manufacturing facility in Atlanta, Georgia, with over 85,000 q. feet of manufacturing space.

B&G is known as a manufacturer of quality equipment and the company distributes their equipment throughout the world. B&G attributes their success to innovation, design, and quality of construction.

B&G Equipment

A range of B&G product includes, the Versa-Fogger which is the first gasoline powered backpack fogger. Specially designed for pest control and co-developed with sister company, Curtis Dyna-Fog.

Over the years B&G has adapted and innovated its equipment in line with changes in application amounts, concentrations, formulations, active ingredients and in delivery systems. Many of these have gone unnoticed. Application used to involve high volume and spray to run off whereas now treatments target the harbourage. The volume of liquid insecticide applied indoors has dropped dramatically, and efficacy has increased. Part of the credit goes to the insecticides available, and part goes to smart application.

Treatment methods have changed to match the limited volume: crack-and-crevice treatment has nearly replaced broadcast (base board) applications. Traditional (1 gal.) tank sprayers are now sharing the application time with small (1 pint) ‘belt-loop’ sprayers. These compact sprayers are designed for precision crack and crevice applications and limited surface spraying – in locations where the standard B&G is more than is required. The future of applications will require specific tools to fit the pest, the level of infestation, and the site and over the years B&G has demonstrated its ability to stay ahead of demand to meet market needs.

The future for Curtis Gilmour

The strengths of Curtis Gilmour group companies come not just from the combined expertise in their respective business areas; nor from the longevity of business relationships that is a shared phenomenon across all enterprises; or the staff loyalty and dedication with many employees developing long and satisfying careers with the respective brands, but for the future, the global position that Curtis Gilmour occupies presents significant opportunities for the years ahead.

Common to all companies has been the drive to develop export markets and today Curtis Gilmour products can be found in all major markets. With operating bases in USA and Europe, there are considerable synergies in distribution that can been explored and developed. Customers can only benefit from the new structure and the potential to grow further is limitless.

The 200 years of combined experience in pest management also places Curtis Gilmour in a unique position. These are no modern-day start-up companies but have worked long and hard to build and establish a rich and varied culture of innovative research and development. All companies have faced severe competition and survived and the future looks good.
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