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Company news – MarApr19 part2

| April 8, 2019
  • STK & Sipcam announce exclusive distribution agreement

CEOs: Sipcam CEO Pablo Montañés (Left) and STK CEO Arye Tenenbaum (Right)

STK bio-ag technologies, the innovative Israel-based leader in bio-ag technologies for sustainable agriculture, and Sipcam, a global leader in crop protection products, are announcing an exclusive agreement for the distribution and market development of Timorex® Gold bio fungicide throughout Spain.

Under this exclusive agreement, Sipcam Iberia will market and sell the product throughout Spain under STK’s trade name. The product is currently approved for use in Spain on cucumber and zucchini, with label extensions applied for grapes, tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins and gherkins.

It is a highly-effective, eco-friendly, Maximum Residue Level exempted premium biofungicide, meeting the highest standards for sustainable agriculture. The product’s unique mode of action protects plants by rupturing fungus cells, increasing overall plant health and yields for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Timorex® Gold works to protect plants from botrytis, powdery mildew, Black Sigatoka and many other fungal and bacterial diseases.

The product is approved for use on cucumber.

While the product is currently used by growers in over 30 countries in various regions, Spain is the first country in Western Europe to approve its use. The plan is to enter the rest of Western Europe over the next few years.

According to STK CEO Arye Tenenbaum, “The collaboration between STK bio-ag technologies & Sipcam Iberia is a testament to both companies’ commitment to sustainable agriculture and our mutual goal of providing innovative, effective and environmentally friendly solutions to growers.“

Timorex® Gold has a label extension for grapes.

Sipcam CEO Pablo Montañés declared, “Sipcam has a rigorous process for identifying the most innovative and effective biological products and companies for distribution partnership. We look forward to our collaboration with STK and rolling out Timorex® Gold with great success bringing a highly-effective new tool to hundreds of Spanish growers, completing the already interesting Sipcam portfolio in bioprotection.”

All Photos: STK Bio-ag technologies

  • Bayer increases sales and earnings

Bayer successfully completed the largest acquisition in its history and attained its operational targets in 2018. “We have set the right course for the future,” said Werner Baumann, Chairman of the Board of Management, on Wednesday at the Financial News Conference in Leverkusen. Group sales and earnings increased in 2018. Adjusted for currency and portfolio effects (Fx & portfolio adj.), the Crop Science and Pharmaceuticals divisions registered higher sales year on year, while sales of Consumer Health were level with the previous year. Bayer has confirmed its outlook for 2019 and the targets for 2022.

“Over recent years we have systematically developed into a focused life science company, clearly aligned to the megatrends in health and agriculture and united under the strong umbrella brand Bayer,” Baumann said. “The acquisition in agriculture has lifted us to the number one position in this market. The integration of the two companies has gotten off to an excellent start.”

Another important step taken last year was the decision, announced in late November, to strengthen the company through a series of portfolio, efficiency and structural measures. “These will make us more focused, more effective, more agile and more competitive,” said Baumann. The portfolio measures include the decision to exit the Animal Health business unit and the Consumer Health brands Coppertone™ and Dr. Scholl’s™. Bayer also plans to sell its 60 percent interest in German site services provider Currenta.

“In 2018, we were again able to increase sales and earnings, despite encountering a challenging market and currency environment,” Baumann said. Group sales increased by 4.5% to 39.586 billion euro.

  • Acquisition of BKS by IVOG


IVOG, an affiliate of Biobest Group based in Germany, has acquired from Antilsan a majority stake in Antalya-based BKS. BKS is a manufacturer of sticky traps and rolls and distributor of pheromones in Turkey and the world market.

Jean-Marc Vandoorne, CEO of Biobest Group said, “Sticky traps and rolls are important tools in Integrated Pest Management, offering growers solutions to monitor pests and to actively reduce pest pressure. With this transaction, our group strengthens its position as a leading manufacturer of these products, allowing us to serve the needs of growers operating in different crops and different countries. There is strong complementarity between the capabilities of IVOG and the capabilities of BKS. The synergy between both companies will help us build global leadership in this important product segment. Antilsan has been our partner in the Turkish market since 1998, this acquisition from Antilsan shows our mutual commitment to a successful, long term collaboration.”

Joachim Schneider, General Manager of IVOG added, “I am excited about IVOG’s investment in BKS. The global market for our products is growing rapidly. With our combined capabilities, we are ideally positioned to supply competitive high-quality products that suit every growers needs. The synergies between our two operations not only relate to the manufacturing capabilities and logistic advantages, I also expect a lot from our innovation programs.”

Şahin Biçen, General Manager of BKS explained, “BKS is a young company that has experienced extremely fast growth. Working together with IVOG and as part of the Biobest Group, we now gain access to a very strong global distribution network that will complement our direct sales efforts. This will help us stay on a steep growth curve.”

Mehmet Ali Yildirim, General Manager of Antilsan commented: “We have been excited to be part of the development of BKS over the last few years. With Biobest taking over as a partner in BKS, we know the company will have a strong future.”

  • Mylva and Econtrol come together

Mylva and Econtrol have come together to create synergies in the Mexican market as part of Mylva’s strategy for expansion in the American continent.

Albert Picas, CEO of Mylva says “For us this is a special year, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary and we have happily reached an agreement to enter the capital of the Mexican company Econtrol (led by Benjamín Gómez). Mylva enters as a shareholder of this Mexican company, with the hope that the union of these two companies will bring us very positive synergies and new lines of business.”

Benjamín Gómez, Managing Director of Econtrol, points out; “This new joint venture is extremely motivating, Mylva is a leading company in Europe in the Integrated Pest Management Industry, we coincide in many business areas, we share values and something very important; the idea of service and the approach to the market. We have detected several synergies that we seek to maximize.”

  • Tri-Flo announces distribution agreement with ENSYSTEX

Tri-Flo, Colorado has announced a distribution agreement with ENSYSTEX Europe, this agreement further expands the availability of Tri-Flo’s bed bug thermal solutions in the international professional pest management market.

“Tri-Flo’s Eradi-Flo line of electric bed bug heaters provide an effective heat solution for pest controllers using an integrated pest management solution to eradicate bed bugs. The Eradi-Flo line of portable heaters bear the CE Mark and work on any 230-volt system.”, said Jean-Yves Perroux, Director of Operations at ENSYSTEX Europe.

“ENSYSTEX Europe and its leading edge application of innovative solutions has added effective, portable heat to its arsenal of weapons against bed bugs. ENSYSTEX Europe provides an excellent footprint to reach international professional pest managers with our thermal bed bug solutions”, adds Ron Elsis, Executive Vice President, Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, LLC.

Tri-Flo solutions are safe, effective, environmentally friendly and are ETL certified and bear the CE Mark. Using patented airflow technology, the thermal solutions generate the heat and airflow necessary to kill bed bugs.

  • ACCERES expands in Italy through field testing firm Promo-Vert

Promo-Vert Italia, headquartered in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna), and with subsidiary stations in Udine and Taranto, has recently opened a new office in Catania.

Created in France in 1985, Promo-Vert is one of the most experienced field testing firms in Europe with more than 1,000 trials performed each year. Since its acquisition by ACCERES earlier this year, Promo-Vert has significantly expanded its presence in Italy and plans to continue its development on the territory while developing its expertise in a large variety of crops.

Promo-Vert carries out GEP (Good Experimental Practice) trials for biostimulants, biopesticides and conventional crop protection products in all crops. It also sets up demonstration platforms and establishes (seed) specific crops on demand (rice, tobacco, …).

Beyond that, Promo-Vert has developed a unique expertise in a number of areas including the inoculum of fungus disease including nematodes, the testing of biostimulants and biocontrol agents and the quality analysis of fruit and vegetables production (e.g. sugar, colour, texture).

Promo-Vert Italia will also soon offer GLP trials to its customers. Its expertise is reinforced and leveraged by the cooperation with GAB Consulting (part of ACCERES Group), which is the leading European regulatory consulting company offering comprehensive registration services for the biopesticide and agrochemical industry.

“By being part of ACCERES and thanks to the proximity with GAB Consulting, we are today delivering the best coordination of high-quality services to our customers across Europe”, says Massimiliano Landini, Promo-Vert Country Manager.

Published in International Pest Control – March/April 2019 issue.

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