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Call ahead and send preset notifications to customers with New Service Pro Module for ServSuite.

| August 13, 2014

Columbus, OH (E- Release) – Keeping up with the trend of regular improvements of the ServSuite software, Service Pro ( have released a new module. The ServSuite Notifications Module allows service companies to notify their customers of impending services.


Notifications are an automated Call Ahead feature that provides customizable pre-recorded service reminders to help users confirm service calls. This module provides the functionality to call all or a group of customers right from ServSuite, saving time and alleviating the need to call each customer separately. This easy accessible and highly advantageous feature can be found under “Notifications” between the “Modules” in the ServSuite user home page. Here users can choose a notification type such as a phone call or SMS text message. The module will allow users to schedule the date and time of their notification. The outgoing message can be viewed as a read-only field. Pending Notifications can be viewed in a Preview Notifications List.

The Notifications module will help secure appointments and provide a seamless customer experience. One more time Service Pro have added a truly time-saving module to their ServSuite software.

For more informationa on Servsuite plaese contact : OR 614-874-4300

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