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Media information – International Pest Control magazine & web-site

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Media, Features & Extra distribution  2017

2017 sees International Pest Control (IPC) magazine enters its 59th year of publication. This publication aims to cover all aspects of pests and human conflict.

IPC is the leading independent, bi-monthly magazine, in the world dealing with all aspects of pest prevention and pest eradication. Because pests do not recognize national boundaries, the problems are increasingly approached from an international perspective.

The magazine provides authoritative reviews of pest control developments worldwide, with news, articles, reviews, features and comments. It is published in the interest of everyone concerned with the control of infestation of all types – in agriculture; in food manufacturing, storage and distribution; in domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

IPC keeps its readers informed of trends in new techniques, new chemicals, new products, and new methods of applying existing remedies – these are the practical tools of the pest control industry the world over.

The magazine provides information on control and protection against various diseases transmitted by insects.

Whether you are seeking to increase your company’s international profile, looking for new distributors for your products or would like to offer your distribution services, IPC the ideal publication for advertising as your message will reach pest control/management professionals worldwide.

Regular sections featuring developments in pest control in every issue. These are:

  • International News in Brief
  • Focus on Public Health
  • Focus on Agriculture
  • Focus on Horticulture & Amenity
  • Focus on Forestry & Plantation
  • Focus on Animal Health

In addition, it is anticipated that the following areas of research and interest will be featured:

Issue Special Feature Comments on Special Features
JanFeb 2017
Bird Management A look at various avian pests and how different management both new and traditional approaches can help.
MarApr 2017
Application Technology Pesticides application is as important as the pesticide itself. We consider what’s new and how to get the best from application equipment.
MayJun 2017
Amenity & Facilities Pests Urban and commercial spaces provide ideal environments for pests. In this double feature we look at pest management, inside and outside.
JulAug 2017
Vector Management Bugs that bite are frequently in the news and those that transmit disease are the deadliest. We look at the latest research.
SepOct 2017
Biocontrol Adoption of biological pest control is rapidly growing. We look at what these agents have to offer and preview ABIM 2017
NovDec 2017
Invasive Pests Pests now travel more freely with global trade and travel. We consider new threats that have appeared in recent years and management tools being applied to minimise their impact.

We are always interested in receiving news items, latest research, company news, discoveries, show reports and new developments in pest management from all sectors of the industry. Please contact us for publication of articles, or to advertise in any of the above issues.
Articles and news: editor@international-pest-control.com
Subscriptions and advertising: raspatel@researchinformation.co.uk

Please note we reserve the right to amend our special fetaures & extra distribution at events at short notice

International Pest Control proposes to have extra distribution at the following events:

Event Location Dates
JanFeb 2017
ISNTD Bites 2017
PestEx 2017
Global Summit
London, UK
London, UK
New York, USA
21 Mar 2017
22-23 Mar 2017
02-04 Apr 2017
MarApr 2017
ConExPest 2017 Wroclaw, Poland 11-12 May 2017
MayJun 2017
Amenity Forum 2017 Burton-on-Trent, UK  12 Oct 2017
JulAug 2017
ParasitecTurkey 2017
Pest World 2017
PestTech 2017
FAOPMA-Pest Summit 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Baltimore, USA
Coventry, UK
Chiang Mai,  Thailand
 28-29 Sep 2017
24-27 Oct 2017
15 Nov 2017
22-24 Nov 2017
SepOct 2017
BCPC 2017
ABIM 2017
AgForm & AgR&D
Brighton, UK
Basel, Switzerland
 31 Oct-01 Nov2017
23-25 Oct 2017
22-23 Nov 2017
NovDec 2017
Pest Protect 2018 Bremen, Germany 24-25 Jan 2018


Standard Display Advertising Rates 2017
Size (A4 Page Size) Size (mm) Full (Four) Colour
Full Page (Portrait) Bleed size 305 x 218 mm
Type area 254 x 178 mm
Half Page 124 x 178 mm (landscape)
254 x 86 mm (portrait)
Quarter Page 124 x 86
Special Positions – Inside Front, Outside Back and Inside Back Covers
Full Page Only (Portrait) Bleed Size 305 x 218 mm
Type Area 254 x 178 mm
£1295/ US$2590

*A4 Size: Trimmed Size 297 mm high x 210 mm wide

Discounts available for series booking.

Bleed: No extra charge; crop marks required for correct positioning.

Publication frequency: Bi-monthly (2nd month of each two).

Copy date: First day of first month (eg, deadline for Jan-Feb issue is 01 Jan).

Cancellations: Accepted at least six weeks prior to publication

Electronic media: MUST be PDF, JPEG, TIFF or EPS format, minimum 300 dots per inch resolution. We cannot accept liability for the quality of published advertisements if advertising materials are supplied in any other format.

Colour accurate proofs must be supplied if colour accuracy is required.

Advertising rates shown exclude Value Added Tax (VAT) if applicable.

Please note that we reserve the right to amend our special features and distribution at events. All advertising subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Included in the Advertising rate:

Advertisers’ company logo (hyperlinked) will be on each of the Table of Contents (ToC) Alert email campaigns (approx 5000 email addresses) for the issue the advertisement is published in. The advertisement will also be hyperlinked to the advertiser’s website from the online edition of the magazine: www.international-pest-control.com



To advertising on the International Pest Control website

Please contact Ras Patel on raspatel@researchinformation.co.uk for advertising rates and further information.

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